10 Reasons Why Amazon Prime is a Trailblazer

One of my biggest ways to save money is using Amazon Prime. The list of benefits continues to grow every year. This year is no exception. I think that a lot of people just think that Amazon Prime means free 2-day shipping. If that is what you have been thinking, you are missing out!

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Here are 10 reasons Amazon Prime I think is a trailblazer.

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Amazon has changed the way I do shopping for my family. I work a full-time job, take care of my family, and blog part-time. My sister is very good at couponing and watching for sales. When I shop with her, I am amazed that she had the time to make a list, check prices ahead of time, and have coupons all sorted and ready to use. While I would like to be so organized and save money, I just don’t have that kind of time. So, I need to have a partner like Amazon to help me save time and money.

Amazon Prime offers something for everyone.

Amazon Prime Reason #1

Prime Video

Prime video has to be the number one reason we use Amazon Prime at our house. I know, you probably thought I was going to tell you it was a way to save on groceries or shipping. (I will tell you about that too in a minute). But, our whole family uses Prime Video almost every day. Rarely do we watch regular television anymore. We do not have the cost of cable. We do have the cost of Internet at our house. However, we would have that cost whether we watch television or not. So, the option of having Prime Video fits into our lifestyle very nicely. We choose videos that we are interested in watching and saving them to our list. All at no cost!

I can’t tell you when the last time was that I purchased a DVD. Even if the DVDs are on sale for $5 in a store and I purchased one for every movie that I watch during the month, that would be at least $50 in savings. Okay, we probably watch more like one movie a night…so that is $150 in savings. Didn’t want you to think that all we did was sit around and watch movies. However, when they are free and easy to access, it is hard not to watch a movie rather than television.

Amazon Prime Reason #2

Free Shipping

Amazon Prime and free shipping go hand-in-hand.

Whenever I order products online I do not, I repeat, I do not want to pay for shipping.

While I know it is an extra cost for any business to provide, I will do whatever I can when shopping on various sites to get free shipping. Whether it is ordering something that I really don’t need just to get the purchase total over a certain threshold to get the free shipping; or if I have to go searching to see if there is a coupon on promo code, I will do what I can not to pay for shipping.

However, with Amazon Prime, the days of paying for shipping costs are virtually over.

I love clicking on the option for free two-day shipping. Sometimes, there is a product or two that does have a shipping charge as it may be sold through Amazon from a different supplier, but this is so few and far between that this happens, I don’t mind as much.

How Much Do I Save in Shipping Costs?

If I were to guess how much money I save each month in shipping costs alone, I bet it would be close to $50. I know I place at least ten orders each month. Often, I will place an order, then a little bit later remember that I forgot to order something and have to go back onto Amazon and order again. If I had to pay for shipping each time, that would get quite spendy. It is so convenient that it is a lifesaver. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, sometimes Amazon has an option to choose no rush shipping. If you choose this method, you can get rewards for not being in a hurry for your products. Getting rewarded for shipping and not paying for it, now, that is right up my alley.

Amazon Prime Reason #3

Prime Coupons

I previously mentioned that my sister was an avid coupon shopper, well, I can be too with Amazon Prime. I have often purchased items that Amazon Prime has had a coupon for and it is automatically deducted from my total. Love, love, love this feature. I can use coupons and I don’t have to spend hours making a list and cutting coupons.

Amazon Prime Reason #4

Prime Pantry

Rather than go to the stores and haul the products out to the car, get home and haul them in the house and put them away, I can order through Prime Pantry. For one low flat fee shipping rate, I can fill a box with all the items I need and get it shipped to me. This saves me a ton of time. When shopping in Prime Pantry, I see what items have coupons right away and they are applied for me. As I continue to add items to the box, a percentage counter continues to update and show me how much more room I have in the box. This is great as I will sometimes add a bunch of smaller items that do not take up much room…all for one low shipping rate.

Amazon Prime Reason # 5

Prime Audio

Have you ever listened to music on your computer at work? Often, every three or four songs, there is an annoying ad. I might as well be listening to the radio. I like to have music playing and throughout the day, I am in the mood for different music. What I listen to in the car may not be something I can play in the office. I don’t have time to set up play lists and pick and move songs around on my iPhone all the time. So, Prime Audio is a great option for me. I can get this just for me, or I can purchase this for my whole family. Each one of us can have our own music set up.

Amazon Prime Reason #6

Amazon Prime Store Card

Sign up for the Amazon Prime Store Card and get 5% back on purchases. I spend at least $200 every month on things from Amazon. That is $2,400 for the year at a bare minimum and to be honest, I might even be spending more per month; but I know it is at last this much. 5% of $2,400 is $600. Just for using the Amazon Prime Store Card that I have connected right to my Amazon account for easy check out, I save $600 minimum per year. Again…feeling better about not having time to clip those coupons.

Amazon Prime Reason #7

Amazon Prime Subscribe and Save

Often, there are items like vitamins, toilet paper, laundry soap, etc. that I know I will need every few months. Rather than continually having to reorder, I can subscribe to automatically have these items sent to my home on a schedule that I choose. Amazon sends reminders that the items are being reordered. This gives me peace of mind knowing it is all taken care of. If I want to cancel an item, it is very easy to cancel the automatic renewal of the item.

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Amazon Prime Reason # 8

Prime Reading

Prime Reading allows you unlimited access for books, and magazines on any device. If you purchase books or magazines, you know that this cost can add up. I purchased a magazine last month and it was almost $4; and that is just for one magazine. Just think about the magazines that I used to have coming to my house every month. If I just downloaded magazines and no books, I am still saving money.

Audio Books at your finger tips no matter what device you use. I can switch between my lap top, iPad or iPhone and the book picks up right where I left off. Driving to work, working out, doing housework, or just relaxing and listening to a book is awesome.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Reason #9


I must admit, I have yet to purchase Alexa. But, that does not mean that I don’t see the value and dream of having one. My boss got one and I heard Alexa play music.  If you have big speakers at your house to get full sound, you can move them into storage with Alexa. I thought that the sound was great. This unit is a hands-free helper. By using voice commands, Alexa can place orders, play music, read the news, tell you the weather, set a timer, or find restaurants near you, just to name a few of her dramatic features.

Amazon Prime Reason #10

10 Reasons Amazon Prime is a Trailblazer
10 Reasons Amazon Prime is a Trailblazer

How about a special day when Amazon gives Amazon Prime members extra money off on items and subscriptions, and sometimes, money back. Tons of deals will be up for grabs on Amazon Prime Day. Here’s the catch! You can only get the deals if you are an Amazon Prime Member. Sign up today so you can get in on the savings. Whew! That was the big 10 reasons Amazon Prime is a Trailblazer in my estimation.
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Extra Reasons I like Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Elements

There are products that are exclusive to Amazon Prime and they are found under Prime Elements. According to Amazon, they have transparent origins. For instance, the baby wipes are made in Mooresville, IN. Over 97% of the water in the baby wipes are made with purified water. Each package has a unique code on it that you can scan with your smartphone to learn more about the origin of the product, when it was made, and what the best used by date is. I am one of many consumers that want to know where my products and food comes from. This is an important leap forward in company responsibility to the public and environment.

Annual Cost is Well Worth it

While there is an annual cost to Amazon Prime, there are so many benefits, that I earn back the annual cost over and over again. I have been a member of one of the big box stores and I have to make a special trip there to earn the savings. Then I have to purchase in such large quantities to get the savings that sometimes products end up spoiling before my family even uses them. Or, I have to find storage space for the gazillion packages that I have to purchase to get the sale price.

Overall, if you add just a few, and I mean very few dollar savings that I actually added up on this post. Remember, I actually save money with each of the ten reasons. With just the Amazon Prime movies, shipping, and Amazon Prime Store card, I save a minimum of $800 a year. In my book, that makes this company a trailblazer in helping families live the lives that they want and save money.

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