25 Halloween Decor Ideas

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Below are 25 unique Halloween Decor Ideas that might be just the think you are looking for to complete the look you were going for in your Halloween decorating scheme. I have scoured the web for some neat items to give you ideas.

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Halloween Decor Ideas

Fall is a fun time to dress up the inside and outside of the house for fall and Halloween. There are some items that will work for both fall and Halloween decor. Those are the items I like the most because I can decorate once and be done. If I want to add more detail for Halloween, it is easy to add a few pieces to take the decorations to the next level. My daughters birthday is in October, so we have hosted many Halloween parties at our house and farm. What a fun time of year. Great memories too.

Table Décor

Windsor Carved Wood Console Table

Beauty and function harmoniously collide with this hand carved wood style table. This piece will elevate any room to a higher aesthetic, but also keep clutter at bay with the hidden front drawer.

Windsor Carved Wood Console Table
Windsor Carved Wood Console Table

Windsor Carved Wood Round Table With Drawer

With a beautiful walnut stain, this hand carved wood style round table elegantly compliments any home. Featuring a generously sized drawer that is perfect for stowing away small bric-a-brac.

Windsor Carved Wood Round Table
Windsor Carved Wood Round Table

Stacked pumpkins cast in rich harvest hues mingle with a profusion of berries and brambles atop a charming urn for vibrant Halloween and fall décor.

Autumn Array Flowers
Autumn Array Flowers

Candles Add Warmth to Fall Decor

Add some orange candles to the table runner for a great fall look.

I love these flameless candles that have timers-much safer way to add that glow without the fire.

Do you have a candelabra? This can really jazz up a theme. Add orange or black tapered candles.

Candelabras for Added Style

Black Taper Candles for Halloween Decorating

Drippy black tapers that have seemingly burned through many a midnight hour flicker from benighted windows and shadowy corners.

Black Spell Taper Candles
Black Spell Taper Candles

Lamps and Lamp Shades

This cute tea light sets the stage for an eerie glow.

Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp

Delicate filigreed emerald wings circle over hand-cut and copper-foiled leafy rippled glass with colorful jewel dewdrops. Illuminated lamp base with bronze feet. Get yours here.

Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp
Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp

Dress up the Mantle

Put the tea light set on your mantle with this spider web. Very fast and fun way to dress up your fall décor.

Soft Decor for Fall

These pillows can be placed on your furniture in your house or in your porch for a fall Halloween decoration.

Add a Bit of Scary Details to your Home Décor

Here are a few fun and spooky ways to create a Halloween feel throughout your house.

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Pattern Princess Shop A Few of My Favorite Things

Just imaging this timer that is being held together with hand skeletons sitting atop your kitchen counter with a few other hauntingly cute items.

Hands of Time
Hands of Time

Skeleton Mantle Piece

This Shrine Skeleton Mantle Piece would add a bit of spooky décor anywhere it it used. Great for a mantle; however, this could be used on a side table or front porch railing to create just the right atmosphere.

As black as ash. . . A baroque frame bears the weight of a gilded skull. Place upon your Halloween mantle as a shrine to the macabre.

The Shrine Skeleton Mantle Piece
The Shrine Skeleton Mantle Piece

Set the Stage for Fall

This straw broom looks great propped in the corner of a room or even on your porch.

Put some witch’s shoes next to the broom in your entryway.

Woolen Woodland Witch Hat

Bright orange gradients to a pale rust tone upon this wool felt witchy hat, further embellished by muted fall florals.

Woolen Woodland Witch hat
Woolen Woodland Witch hat

Complete the look with a witch’s hat. You could also string witch’s hats on your porch and insert battery-operated candles inside for a fun Halloween look.

Dusting Sugar for Fall Baking

If you are looking for some Halloween display pieces for your kitchen or a gift for that cook that has everything, here are three very cute sugars.

Unique Halloween Decorations for Outside

I have some signs like this that I use the week of trick-or-treating. So fun to help the visitors get in the spirit of things.

Add this yard silhouette to the signs and make things a bit scary.

Put these legs in a bush by your entry if you have one. Or you could put them next to something that makes it look like it is the wicked witch.

A Few More Halloween Home Decor Ideas

I just stumbled upon these great finds! I know it is more than 25 Halloween items now…but I couldn’t help it…had to share with you!

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