Bridal Shower or New Home Gift Basket

Gift Baskets are so popular

They can be personalized with a variety of items to make the recipient feel special. Gift baskets are also a great way to package things for fund raising events. A person does not have to spend a fortune on items to add to a gift basket to have it look attractive.

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Finding the right items

Deciding what to put in the gift basket can often be challenging. I decided to put items that I would like in my kitchen and things that I use everyday. If you get what you like, often I think you can’t go wrong. However, I often save pictures of gift baskets on places like Pinterest so I can get ideas for later.

Gift Basket for Many Events

This gift basket can be made for a bridal shower, new home, or even a graduate that is getting ready to go off to college. The gadgets that have been included here are some of my favorites. As you can see, there are a lot of items that will be added to the basket.

Gift Basket Gadgets
Gift Basket gadgets that will be added

List of Items in the basket

These gadgets are very nice kitchen essentials to have. Just in case it is hard to see, I will list the products below.

    1. Mixing Bowl
    2. Chip Clips
    3. Strainer
    4. Silicone Spoons
    5. Whisk
    6. Wooden spoons
    7. Pairing knives
    8. Cleaning brushes
    9. Tongs
    10. Skewers
    11. Bottle opener
    12. Can opener
    13. Baster
    14. Flour sack towels
    15. Gift card
    16. Gift receipts

    Yes, don’t forget the gift receipts. While I might think that these items are essential, the recipient may not or may already have too many. I also left the new items in their package and left the tags on just in case they need to be returned.  The two only things that I took out of their package was the brushes and the flower sack towels. The gift basket just looked nicer with the brushes out of their package and I needed to use the flour sack towels to display the items nicely.

    Putting it all together

    I decided to put all fourteen items in a bowl that would be more useful than a basket. I have a picture of the bowl that I planned on putting all of these items in pictured below.

Bowl for gift basket
Bowl to hold all items for the gift basket

As I previously mentioned, I took the flower sack towels out of the package. I partially unfolded them and turned them inside out and put them in a circle inside the bowl as this is what will be used to hold up the items for display. I have a picture below to help you see what I am explaining. The picture on the right shows the items starting to be put into the bowl.

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Beginning the gift basket
Putting together the bridal shower gift basket
Flour Sack Towels Layered in Bowl
Flour Sack Towels layered in bowl.
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  • I added all of the items and rearranged a bit until I got the look I wanted.
    The finished gift basket

    Here is a view of the completed gift basket from the side and top view. I think the top view helps you see how everything was tucked inside the towels.

  • Gift Basket
    Gift Basket Put Together
    Gift basket top view
    Top View of Gift Basket
  • I do plan on covering with cellophane and a ribbon to finish it off

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