Choosing to Paginate your WordPress Blog Post

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Step-by-Step guide on adding paginate in your WordPress blog.

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To Paginate or Not to Paginate

You might be wondering why paginating would even be a topic. Well, here is the story. I thought I was very smart because I figured out how to paginate my blog posts in the WordPress site. I will give you detailed directions further down in this post if you choose to use paginating on your website. Now, I must let you know that this is only for a WordPress site, I have no clue how to do it on another platform.

When to Paginate

So, once I figured out how to paginate, I did this to all my first posts back in January and February. I used the information that could fit on one page as a guide along with headings. I not to have a break in the middle of a paragraph of information.

Daughter’s Point of View

I was proudly showing my daughter the progress I was making on building my site and adding content. My view was that I was trying to be careful and add useful content along with good pictures. Additionally, I was trying to sort the information that would be intuitive for users to find. As I was explaining all of this to my daughter, I did a demonstration of how I figured out how to do paginating. She really burst my bubble when she explained that she got really annoyed with pagination.

I was shocked! It was completely counter intuitive to what I thought. I tried to talk her into liking pagination by explaining the ease of seeing information on one page and just clicking the page numbers to move throughout the post. She wasn’t buying any of it. She told me that she likes scrolling on her phone and would rather scroll that have to click on something. Wow! What a revelation.

What about Ads

I then asked her what she thought of ads mixed in the content that she had to scroll through. She said she didn’t like pop-ups, but she didn’t mind scrolling through ads, as long as, there were not too many and she was able to easily see the content that interested her. Okay, point taken.

Husband’s Point of View

I thought for sure that my husband would agree with me on this subject. Now, mind you, he had a flip phone until sometime this past Winter. He has an iPhone and is getting pretty good at it, but I really thought he would think the same as me on this paginating topic. So, I mentioned the conversation that I had with my daughter and before I could even ask the question, he said, “I feel the same way. I would rather scroll down.”

Family Survey

So, there you have survey completed by my family. However, I am sure that this is not the view of the rest of the world. The ability to do paginating on a website is there for a reason. I have since stopped doing the paginating because of their comments, but also because of Pinterest.


When I went to add my website to my business Pinterest profile and it did not work when I had paginating in place. It took me a few tries to figure this out.

How to add Paginating to your blog posts.

This is a Snippet of my Rice Krispie Treats blog post in edit mode. I will point to specific areas as we move through the directions.

This Snipped below shows a closer picture of the information on the left of the blog post. It shows the permalink. One tidbit I found out on the permalink is that it is done automatically when you enter your blog title. However, sometimes I change my title before I’m done with the post and I have just lately realized that the permalink does not always update. You can manually edit that – It might be a good idea to keep an eye on that as I have learned.

Then there are areas to add media (pictures) add forms, or insert downloads. I’ve learned some information on these areas as well, but we’ll save that for another day and try to stay focused here for you. Blow the media areas is the normal text editing tools, link areas, and so on.

Screen Shot of left side of blog post in WordPress
Screen Shot of left side of blog post in WordPress

This is the Key to Paginating

Below, you will see the Snipped of the right side of the blog screen. If you notice, there is a visual and text tab. Currently, this screen shot is in the visual mode.

Visual and Text mode tabs in WordPress
Visual and Text mode tabs in WordPress

Text Mode

Watch what happens when I switch to text mode. It might be a bit hard to read, but it is the same post information that is shown above in the visual mode. However, this is the view that you must be in to be able to do any paginating.

Now if you look at the tools available under the media area in the text mode, the tools are completely different.

Text Mode on WordPress Blog Page
Text Mode on WordPress Blog Page

I do not know what many of these things do yet, but I believe that the b on the left is for bold, the I is for italicized, the link is to be able to add a link, and from the b-quote over, I have not figured out yet. Sorry. But, I do know how to use the more tab. That is the tab that I click on in order to do paginating.

You will have to read your text carefully, but you will soon figure out the place to click and add a pagination. I never go inside any <> I always do it after. You will see the heading that is strong for 5 Minute Microwave Recipe. That means it should be bold, etc. So, If you go back to my visual, that was a heading. Here is that place on the visual page.

left side visual for blog post in WordPress
Visual text for blog post

Now, let’s say that I want to add a pagination right under the heading. I would go back to the text mode. Click outside of the <> where I want the pagination to happen. Click on more. It adds it where my cursor was clicked. Notice that it is also in <>.

Text Mode with More selected
Text Mode with More selected

Now, change the more to nextpage. No spaces. You can do this as many times as you like throughout your post. The software will automatically pick it up and figure out if it is page 1, 2, 3, etc.

Here is the text changed of more changed to nextpage.

Text view Nextpage in WordPress
Text View with More changed to Nextpage

I don’t know if you can see it or not, but on the visual tab. There is a next page line with faint writing just below the picture.

Text Mode Showing Pagination in WordPress
Text Mode Showing Pagination

Of course, if you go to preview changes, this is what it would look like posted to your website. Note, that the Snipped I did also shows the advertising that is on the site, but if you look at the example, you can see pages: 1 2

Paginating in WordPress

Paginating Preview

If you change your mind, it is just as easy to remove. Just go back to your post, click on the text tab and go to the area that says next page and highlight that with your cursor and delete that including the <>.

I hope that this has given you some insight in paginating and if you choose to paginate your site, you should now be able to do it.

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