Mother’s Day Mega-list of Ideas

I often have a tough time coming up with ideas every year for Mother’s Day. The hard work has been done for you, with this Mother’s Day Mega-list of Ideas. I have done some research and compiled a list that a mother might like to get.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Use this list to help you find a way to show your mom how much you love her. Remember: it often doesn’t have to be perfect, it is the fact that you show her you care.

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Favorite Dessert

Your mom might like it if you paid close attention to what she likes to eat. I know I appreciate it. When someone even makes me a cup of coffee the way I like it (without being told) that is a real treat. So, if you can cook, try your hand at making your mom’s favorite dessert. Here is a great recipe for a Cherry Butter Cake

Favorite Meal

Whether you make the meal or buy it and bring it home, I would love it if someone thought of me and tried to make sure that I was able to have my favorite meal on Mother’s Day. Here are some great recipes for you to consider making for mom.

Personalized Card

Personalized Card

When my daughter was young, she would often make me a card. I still have those cards and I occasionally bring them out and look through them. They take me back to days gone by and I remember the many wonderful time that we’ve shared together.

Paint a Picture

If you are talented and can pick a topic that your mom would really like, go ahead and paint her that special picture. Or take an art lesson together with your mom. Either way, you will make a lasting memory. I painted a paint-by-number kit years ago. It is still sold in stores today. Here is a link to some fun beginner adult paint-by-number kits.

Paint a Wine Glass

Now, that could be something that you do and give to your mom. If you are old enough, you could take your mom to a party where you taste wine and paint glasses.

Garden Bench

If your mom loves to garden like many do, she probably always has a spot that she could find to put a pretty bench. As the garden continues to change throughout the season, she will be able to think of you each time she sits on the bench or looks over her garden.


Many people are learning how to make jewelry. Often, there are craft classes offered and you could learn how to make a specific piece of jewelry and give it to your mom. Now, if you already know how to make jewelry, it would be great if you could make a one-of-a-kind, unique piece for your mom. Make her something that she will get complimented on each time she wears it. Otherwise, here are many choices for handmade jewelry for you to choose from.

Crochet an Afghan

If you already can crochet, try your hand at making your mom something that she could either use or wear. She will be able to think of you each time she uses it or wears it. Think about what her favorite colors are. Think of your mom and let that be your guide on what you make her. If you do not yet know how to crochet, start with one of the easy patterns and give it a try. Here are a few crochet patterns for you to choose from. Many of them have a video tutorial to help you get started too.

Let Mom Sleep In

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be costly. Sometimes it is as simple as letting mom sleep in a bit. Mom’s work hard and sometimes, we just want to sleep in even if it is just an hour or so. It makes such a difference and it is sometimes such a luxury. I know as a mom, I would appreciate sleeping in.

Manicure at a Favorite Nail Salon

It is nice to be pampered. Some women get their nails done often, but others like me rarely take the time to get them professionally done. However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t think it is nice to get them done. A pedicure to go along with the manicure is even better.

Read a Novel

Now, you are probably thinking I mean read a novel to your mom. What this suggests is giving mom enough time to relax and be able to read a novel. Maybe even buy her a novel to help get her started reading.

Hour Long Massage

I did say an hour long. Many massages only last for a half hour. One time, I found out that having a massage for an hour was an option. That was a game changer for me. While I don’t go often, when I do go for a massage, I do the hour long one now. Just love it!

No Sibling Squabbles for the Day

Now, this might be harder to pull off. But, if everyone can agree that you will be on your best behavior for the day just for mom, I bet that you can do it. Again, this doesn’t cost anything, but it will go along way in showing mom just how much you love her. Mom might even be able to relax a bit too.

Take the Kids out to Leave Mom Home to Relax

Dad, this one is for you. Not that mom doesn’t love the family, but we have so little time to ourselves unless we are in the bathroom, and even then, with children and animals, that can be a struggle to be alone. So, plan a trip to the library or something with the children so your wife can have some alone time.

Breakfast in Bed

This is a very popular option for Mother’s Day. It gives mom a chance to sleep in and it gives the rest of the family fun time to do something together for mom. Make something easy and yummy. Try the French Bread Bake Recipe it is something that you can put together and put in the oven to bake while you work on getting the coffee and juice ready.


Write Mom a Poem

If you want to go beyond making a card for mom, try your hand at writing a poem. If you are good at writing, it would be a cherished gift. You could even write a poem as a family, everyone can write a line. What a great family give to mom.

Send Mom a Text

If you are not able to see your mom on Mother’s Day or if you will see her later in the day, send her a quick text saying Happy Mother’s Day to let her know that you are thinking of her. I know if your mom is like me, she will be stepping a little bit lighter all day long because you did something special.

Write Mom a Song

Maybe your passion isn’t writing just to write, maybe you are a song writer and singer. Write a song about your mom or about how you feel about your mom. If you are a singer, sing it for her too. Maybe even record the song for her to play on her electronic device over and over.

Wash the Dishes

You are probably wondering why this would be on the list. Well, my mother-in-law always said, “When your dishes are done, it makes you  feel good when you walk in the door.” I still think this holds true today.

Clean the House

Whether you clean the house yourself or even hire it done, I have a feeling that your mom will really appreciate a clean house. If your mom is like me, we have a hard time sitting down and relaxing when we see all the work to do yet.

Repair Something for Mom

Now, this one really comes from my heart. While it may not seem like a way to show your mom that you love her, it does get the repair jobs completed. If she is like me, she may be waiting years and years for repairs to get done. When you have waited that long, it is a blessing to have someone care enough to help you with repairs. Believe me, I bet she will appreciate it.


You may not have the time to clean the house by yourself or have enough money to pay someone to come and clean the house. However, you might have enough time to help a little with the house cleaning and it seems, like the dishes, vacuuming and sweeping can always be done.

Treat Mom to Lunch

Whether it is just you or a family event, going to lunch with mom is a very popular thing to do on Mother’s Day. However, note that this is also a very busy day at the restaurants, so plan early and see if you can make reservations to make sure that the day goes smoothly.

Visit the Zoo

If you live near a zoo, it can be a fun-filled day to spend a little time exploring the world of animals that you may not see every day. It gives you a chance to do something together. Make sure to check to see that the zoo is open on Mother’s Day. In some parts of the country, it might be closed for the season yet.

Flower Garden

Site See at a Community Garden

Check to see if there is a community garden or botanical garden near you. If so, your mom might like to spend some time with you enjoying the relaxing garden environment. It might get her inspired for her own garden ideas.

Visit a Museum

There are so many things to see across the United States. Try and look for a museum that you have never seen that is within a couple of hour drive of where you live. Doing something different that you have spent time researching and planning would be so meaningful.

Fishing with Mom

Go Fishing with Mom

This might sound like something that you would do more with your dad on Father’s Day. If your mom is one that likes to fish, it might be a clever way for you to spend time with her. Hopefully the weather will be good and the catch will be plentiful if you plan on going. Pack and lunch and make a picnic on the boat.

Go to the Theater

Check out the movie guides and see what is playing in your area on Mother’s Day. We often will go to the movies when we have family visit. It is something we can all do together even if some people are not very physically capable.

Take Mom Bowling

Our extended family loves to bowl, so that might be something that they would take their mom on Mother’s Day. They are all very good bowlers and for them, this would be an ideal way to have some fun together. Make the day even more special by paying for your mom’s game.

Family Picnic

Have a Family Picnic

Make sure that mom doesn’t have to do all the work. The rest of the family should plan what to eat, make sure to bring plates, silverware, and napkins. If you are going to cook something, don’t forget the lighter, charcoal, and utensils. You could even make sandwiches, chips, fruit, and water to make the picnic even easier. Remember, it is the thought that counts.

Take Her Shopping

I personally would not suggest people buy clothing for other people unless you know the exact size and style to get. Therefore, if you do want to buy your mom something, take her shopping. She will get two gifts in one. Spending time with you and getting something.

Painted Flowers

Plant Some Flowers

You could purchase a flowering plant or two. Try getting something that your mother might have said that she like. If not, there are many varieties of pretty flowering plants that are relatively inexpensive that you could help her plant. Again, it is the gift that gives double. Time with you and lasting memories every time she looks at those flowers. 

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Go on a Boat Ride

If you have a boat, can rent a boat, or even go with friends that have a boat; spend some time relaxing on the water and enjoying the views. Make sure to take some pictures of the day so you and your mom have great memories.

Cup-of-Coffee for Mother's Day

Have Coffee or Tea with Her

Maybe you are limited on time and money. Sometimes it is enough just to sit with your mom and have some coffee with her and just talk. As a mom, I enjoy every minute that my daughter spends with me and on Mother’s Day, it just is that much more special when she spends time with me. Maybe make it exotic like Cafe’ Du Monde

Plan a Movie Night

You don’t have to go out to have a movie night. If you have enough seating room or large pillows on the floor, pop some popcorn and pick out a movie. It is an inexpensive way to spend some family time on Mother’s Day. Caution – don’t make mom pop the popcorn or clean up the popcorn that gets on the floor and on the sofa. Make sure that is all cleaned up when you are done.

Plan a Game Day

Games are a fun way for families to spend time together and what better way to spend a Mother’s Day that with your favorite people while having fun. If there is a family favorite game, play that or try something new. Our family plays Trivia Pursuit and we play boys against girls. It is fun when we have a large group.

Board Games

Play a Board Game

If your mom is like me, we would love to play a board game, but often, we are not able to hardly start a game and finish it as we seem to always have other things that need to be done. So, help your mom enjoy Mother’s Day by playing a fun board game together. I like to play board games when I can, but people don’t like me winning…maybe on Mother’s Day, I can beat them again.

Play Cards

There are just so many card games from beginner level to advanced level. We like to play cards when family is in town. The more the merrier. While we have our favorites like Rummy 500, we will mix it up with other card games.

Play Outdoor Games

If you mom is athletic, she might want to play volleyball, baseball, red light greed light, flashlight tag, or croquet. If you mom is like me and not so athletic anymore, maybe the outdoor game could be bean bags, horse shoes, or yard darts.

Draw Pictures with Chalk

This would be an especially fun activity with younger ones. Chalk is relatively inexpensive and you can get so many colors, shapes, and sizes. Maybe there is a theme like spring flowers and everyone has to draw and color a spring bouquet of flowers for mom on Mother’s Day.

Go Hiking

If you are a family that likes to hike, then this idea is for you. You can take a hike together and maybe go exploring at the same time looking for little flowers for your mom. Or even green leaves can be pretty when bundled together. Be creative and find things that you think your mom will love. Maybe it is pretty stones.

Go Swimming

It seems that we are always so busy. We talk about going swimming, but rarely do now that my daughter is grown. When she was younger, we went swimming at least once a week. Quite honestly, I don’t often think about it. If someone planned a day of swimming for me on Mother’s Day, that would be a great gift. It is wholesome fun and good exercise.

Go Bird Watching

You might need a book and binoculars, but you could go bird watching and see how many species you can find in your area. You might even get the bug to put a bird feeder up for mom so she can enjoy the birds every day at her house.

Go Roller Skating

When I was younger, we used to go roller skating almost every Friday night. There doesn’t seem to be as many roller-skating places to go anymore. If you have one relatively close by, you might want to give it a try and plan a day with your mom roller skating. It is fun and you don’t have to worry about falling on the ice. I think a wooden floor seems a bit cushier when you fall.

Visit a Farm

You might come from a farm so this might now be for you. But if you don’t come from a farm, this can often be a very fun and educational experience. Make sure to do a search for farms that give tours in your area and plan some ahead and make reservations for your visit.

Train Ride in the Country

Go on a Train Ride

This is something that we have been wanting to do as a family for several years now. We haven’t found the time to go. If someone planned the day, I think it would be a great Mother’s Day gift for me. There are even some rides that serve meals and have very scenic routes.

Play at a Park

If you have young children, this might happen all the time. However, if you are always busy chasing her and there, you might not have time to spent play time at the park. It can be a fun experience for the whole family.


Now, I must admit, I am not a big camper. However, I do have several friends that love camping. To be honest, the number one reason I am not a huge camping fan is that additional work involved on my end. I do like to spend the time outdoors and sit around a fire and enjoy the company of family and friends. So, if you give your mom the gift of camping, do everything that you can to make it relaxing and stress-free for your mom so she can enjoy herself. How about an inflatable air couch.

Spa Resort

Sometimes, moms like to get pampered. If you can afford it the gift of a resort stay for a day or two that also offers spa services can be a very good gift. This is one where your mom will not have to cook, clean, or pick up after everyone. She can be the one that is being waited on.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

While you may not think of this as a weekend adventure, you might have to travel a bit to find a place that offers hot air balloon rides. I went on a hot air balloon ride years ago and it is a memory that I will never forget. Very scary at first, but I got over that and enjoyed the beauty. If you do have to travel a bit, might as well make a weekend out of it and do this in conjunction with the camping adventure or spa resort experience.


To be completely honest, I have never been on a cruise. I do have many friends that have gone on cruises and they love it. I like day-long boat rides, but a cruise for any longer amount of time I am not too keen on. However, that does not mean that your mom might love to go on a cruise for Mother’s Day. Therefore, it is on the list for you to consider. You know your mom best.

Mother's Day Gift of Fresh Flowers
Gift of Fresh Flowers


Flowers are always welcomed in my house. I love looking at them. If you do not live close to your mom, you can get flowers delivered to your mom for Mother’s Day.


Along with flowers, the next top gift that my family could get me is chocolates. They don’t have to be anything fancy, but there are a few favorites that I like to have. I like the turtles and sixlets. You were probably thinking I might say something fancy. I do make good chocolate truffles and you can find that recipe here. They are extremely easy and taste great. Your mom would be very lucky to have truffles made by you. What a thoughtful gift that would be.

Pretty Necklace

There are so many unique gifts that you could find in jewelry. While you could go to the local large shopping store, finding something that is a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted necklace might just be the thing that your mom will love 


You could purchase your mom earrings to go with a necklace or you could purchase her just earrings. Either way, I bet she will like the thought. There is a place that I often frequent to purchase jewelry online as it is excellent quality and has a great price. .If you use this link you can get free shipping. However, they often run sales as well.


Scarves have been in style for several years now. There are so many pretty styles to choose from. If you have a mom that loves to wear scarves, this might be a good Mother’s Day gift for her.

Bottle of Mom’s Favorite Wine

Need I say more? Wine. It is just a good thing to always have around. I myself am a wine drinker versus a beer or hard liquor drinker. However, I do have preferences. This is another area that you will want to check out your mom’s stash prior to getting her any. That way, you will be sure to get her something that she will truly enjoy.


Favorite Perfume

My mother-in-law had one perfume that she always wanted. If anyone ever bought her that, she was smiling. I however, don’t have a favorite scent, I like to be surprised by what people pick out for me. My daughter will sometimes tell me that I need to get with the times when it comes to perfume. So, I try to be open-minded about what scents to wear. If you get your mom perfume, hopefully you will know if there is that special one or if she is open to a variety of options.

Nail Salon or Massage Gift Card

Maybe you are not able to pay for the whole nail salon or massage experience. Sometimes, just giving a small gift card that will help in the cost is just the right thing to do. When your mom has a gift card to use, she is more likely to go and get those nails done or book that massage appointment. Just try and get her the gift card to a place that she normally frequents. If she never gets this done, then the gift will really be special.

Nail Polish Kit

If your mom likes to do her own nails, this would be a nice Mother’s Day gift. Take a look at the brands and colors she buys and refill her stock. Don’t forget cotton balls and nail polish remover too. A new nail file is also a nice addition to the nail polish kit.

Favorite Bath Soaps and Lotion

It seems every baby shower or bridal shower, bath soaps and lotions are given out and I have yet to hear someone say that they don’t want to receive this item as a gift. I think the key is to take a look at what your mom uses and get her more of the same. She will be impressed at your attention to detail.


A Star

While no one has ever named a star after me, it would be a wonderful gesture. If your mom is into astrology or just enjoys the sparkle in the sky, she might appreciate the extra effort of having a star named after her.

Whew! This list is long and it has taken some time thinking about to come up with. I really hope that you find one that will help you bring joy to your mom on Mother’s Day and help you show her how much you love her.

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