Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Find inexpensive teacher appreciation gifts for the end of the year. Simple inspiration to show that teacher or staff person how much you appreciate them.

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Appreciating that Special Person

Every once in a while, there is that one teacher or staff person at school that just goes beyond. They take the time to care and make the connection with you or your child. That person leaves a lasting impact on your life. Show your teacher appreciation for their hard work and dedication.


Apple for the Teacher

There is nothing wrong with bringing in a delicious tasting apple for the teacher yet. Pair that with a heartfelt note or a card that your child made themselves for the teacher.

Notes to Put Into Teacher’s Thank You Card

Here are some ideas on what you might write inside the card.
  • Thank you for being an awesome teacher.
  • Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will always remember my time in your classroom.
  • You have pushed me further than I thought I could go. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me.
  • Thank you for the amazing year. You made learning fun.
  • Thank you for taking the extra time with me this year. Without you, I know I would not have been successful.
  • Have a wonderful summer. You deserve a break.
  • You have been so much more than a teacher to me. Thank you for being a mentor and a friend.

Say Thank You with a Message in a Book

Do you have a little one that had a special teacher? This cute and colorful thank you book would be a wonderful gift. Especially if you took the time to have your child add special notes throughout the pages. What did the teacher do that was fun for your child? Was there something that they really went above and beyond in helping your child learn? Be creative and make the gift personal.


Awesome Teacher Notebook for Daily Use

The notebook has blank pages that can be used everyday. Since your instructor will be using the notebook everyday, make it a great experience. Inscribe a special note just inside the front cover. That way, every time that it is opened, your favorite teacher will be inspired to keep doing their best.


Give a Living Gift to Thank a Teacher

As a teacher, I always loved receiving a little plant. Succulents are very popular right now and budget friendly too. If you are like me, you may have a little planter or something small that would hold a little soil and plant that would be cute. These succulents are so pretty when grouped too.

Baby-Groot-Planter-Container Making the Heart Sign
Baby-Groot-Planter-Container Making the Heart Sign

Baby Groot Heart Planter

This Baby Groot Planter is just so cute. With the heart sign too! What a cute gift to give that special educator. Fill it with candies or an inexpensive indoor plant. You could add a note with this planter. Something like; Thanks for helping me grow.


Personalized Coffee Mug for That Inspirational Educator

By personalizing a mug, it is so meaningful. Your special teacher will know how much they have inspired you because you thought about their gift ahead of time and personalized it. Fill this cup with candies, pencils, or a little plant.

19 Fun Teacher Appreciation Sayings

Here are some fun sayings that you can write on paper and cut out. Punch a hole in the paper and tie it on with a string. Tape it on to the item. Or write this inside of a thank you card.

  1. You are just “grand”. Attach to a 100 grand candy bar.
  2. Thank you for being so re”mark”able. Give with a package of markers.
  3. Give a gift card for a sub sandwich. There is no “sub”stitute for you! Thank you for all you do.
  4. Tape a note to a can of Mountain Dew Soda. Thank you for all you “dew”.
  5. Tie a note around a bottle of hand soap. “Hands” down, you are the best teacher.
  6. Tape a note to a can of Chicken Soup or even a Soup Mix. You are a “soup”er teacher.
  7. Give a gift card for a cup of coffee. Thanks a “latte” for being so wonderful.
  8. A package of highlighters is something that can be used along with a cute note. You are a bright spot in my day.
  9. You do an “AW” some job! Attach to a can of A & W Rootbeer.
  10. Give a pizza cutter or scissors. You are a “cut” above the rest.
  11. From my “calculations”, you are an amazing teacher. Attach to a calculator.
  12. “Nacho” average teacher. Give with nacho cheese dip.
  13. You take the “cake” as an amazing teacher. Attach this cute note to a delicious cup cake.
  14. Thanks for “bee”ing amazing. Attach to a Burt’s Bees Lip Balm or some other Burt’s Bees product.
  15. You have been such a “sweet” inspiration. Attach to any candy or chocolate.
  16. Your classroom was always bright and “sun”ny. Attach to a bag of Sun Chips.
  17. As a teacher, you rise to the “top”. Attach to an ice cream topping.
  18. Thanks for going the “extra” mile. Attach to a package of Exra Gum.
  19. You made this year “tea”riffic for me. Thank you. This note can be attached to some delicious tea.

Hope You Have An Extra Special Day

Recently, I was off work for a few weeks recovering from surgery. When I returned to work, this gun was on my desk. It may seem insignificant to some; however, to me, it meant the world. How nice it is to be fondly remembered by others and have them do something nice for you. It made my day so much better.

Have an Extra Special Day Teacher Gift
Have an Extra Special Day Teacher Gift

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