How to Use Tailwind to Increase your Traffic

How to Use Tailwind to Increase your Traffic

How to Get your First 100,000 Monthly Page Views on Pinterest!

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As a blogger, I should only recommend products that I personally use. With that said, one of my new favorite additions to my blogging website tools is Tailwind. It is my hands-down favorite tool for scheduling not only to Pinterest, but to Instagram too. Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for Content Marketing, as well as, an Instagram Partner Badge for Community Management (Tailwind, 2017). If you are like me and struggle with hashtags for Instagram…look no further.

How would you like automatic hashtags?

Tailwind offers hashtags-green being the most relevant and useful, yellow a little less, and red are hashtags you might want to reconsider. It truly doesn’t get much easier than pointing and clicking your way to posting – getting noticed and followers. More importantly, Tailwind lets you have a presence by pinning throughout the day without having to do it manually.

With Tailwind Traffic***That means that you can balance your online presence with your life!

How has Tailwind helped me?

I started blogging in January, 2017. It was a New Year’s resolution. I had been thinking about getting online for a while and finally made the leap. Of course, my Pinterest presence was new so I had very low monthly views or engagements. As my content continued to grow on my website, so did my content on Pinterest, which is my number one method of getting people to my website.

About two months ago, I actively started working on finding group boards to join, both on Pinterest and Facebook. So far, I have been able to join about ten groups. That alone helped boost my views. However, prior to signing up for Tailwind, I spent a lot of time – okay hours on pinning and repining…even with just ten groups. Imagine how much time it would take as I continue to grow.

This is not where I want to spend my time!

Using Tailwind to Grow

While I was close to 100,000 monthly viewers in Pinterest, it took a lot of work and time. Since I started using Tailwind, my monthly viewers has increased to over 133,000. Check out my screen shot of my Pinterest Analytics below. Pretty neat that as newer blogger, I can get these results already. This was just a few months after I started blogging. As I have continued on with building my blog over the last year and a half, I have reached over a million monthly viewers, but currently, I am close to 500K monthly viewers. Remember, these are my results and your results may be different.

Pinterest Screen Shot
Pinterest Screenshot

Save Time with Tailwind

In addition to scheduling your pins, Tailwind provides useful data on pins, website pins, and followers. Along with monitoring your domain insights, and referrals, you can optimize your images and boards with Tailwind’s Pin Inspector. Their browser add on allows me to quickly and easily add image pins to my queue while browsing through Pinterest or another blogger’s website.

Update on my Stats

I am a few years into blogging now. It is amazing how much I have learned and how my online business and presence has grown. Wow! It is amazing what can happen if you just stick with it. When I think back to how excited I was to get my first 100K views on Pinterest – I have come a long way. I have already reached over a million views on Pinterest and while the views do fluctuate, I continue to remain very high in the view range. Additionally, when looking at the website traffic that is generated from Pinterest, that grows right along with the views. However, I don’t spend all day on social media. Tailwind is a HUGE time saver and one of the best things I could have done to get my blog out there.

Tailwind Benefits – Start Your Free Trial

You too can get Tailwind FREE

Not only are they a reliable, time-saving tool, they provide opportunities to get their services for Free. You too can get Tailwind for Free and I will be happy to show you how. They have an amazing affiliate program, which gets great results in people using the product. When you sign up, I get one month Free and so do you! We help each other that way!

Email Address

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If you are new to Tailwind, you can sign up here. Once signed up, you too can use affiliate marketing just like I am to help others know about the great benefits of Tailwind and get a month Free in the process. What a great partnership.

How do you get an Affiliate Link?

Tailwind even makes that a simple process. Rather than having to sign up for a special package, Tailwind will provide you with your very own affiliate link. In the upper right corner, you will see a heart: Click on the heart and your very own referral page opens up. It’s really that simple. In the middle of the page, Tailwind provides you with your affiliate link that can quickly be shared via; Twitter and Facebook. They have those buttons right there too for easy sharing.


At the time of writing this blog post, Tailwind is offering an Amazon gift card for referring 5 people. How nice of them. Even the referral process is easy. Type in the email addresses of 5 people and click on Send Invitations! That’s it. Their customized email template will be sent out for you.

What can you do with your Affiliate Link?

Share it – not in a spammy way though. Sometimes there are new bloggers asking a question on Facebook. I may provide advice and share the Tailwind link.
As I continually research best practices for my online presence, there are a few key ingredients that are continually mentioned as best practices.
1. Pin to Pinterest daily.
2. If you are a blogger, provide quality content and great pictures.
3. Pin quality content to your Pinterest business account.
4. Pin your pins, but also that of others think of the 80/20 or 70/30 rule – mostly your content, but others as well.
5. It is important to share to multiple boards
6. It is important to share on multiple social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
7. Don’t be spammy.

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