How do you know if heavy cream is bad?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your heavy cream has gone bad.

If you notice any of these signs, make sure to discard your whipping cream.

Use your senses to tell.

When you open the container and smell a sour smell or a fermented type of aroma, it is a sure sign that the whipping cream is spoiled.

Second, when you pour the heavy cream out of the container, and it looks like the texture has noticeably changed such as it is clumping or curdling.

You may also notice a runny and thin consistency, which would also mean it has gone bad.

However, it is normal to occasionally see a yellow hue on top as this is the heavy cream fats.

Next, look for signs of mold on the surface.

A moldy discoloration along with the separation of the solids from the liquids in the form of lumps means that the cream is spoiled.

When tasting the cream, if it has a tangy taste or it feels more like lumpy curds rather than smooth rich, thick creamy texture, do not use.

Lastly, if your heavy cream does not whip and form stiff peaks, it is spoiled and should be discarded.

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