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Copyright Information

You may not sell my patterns, tips, and recipes or claim them as your own.

You may make items to sell (i.e. on Etsy, LoveCrafts, or at craft fairs) from my patterns, tips, and recipes, but I ask that you link back to my blog and provide credit for the pattern. The images that I use on this post are the property of Patternprincess. However, you can share an image if you link, please link back to the original post. It is courteous to get in touch with me regarding the sharing of information or photos first.

I may offer a free product or printable from time-to-time and it is appreciated if you would only use them for your personal use.

If there is something that you would like to copy, link to, or share, please write to me to receive my permission first. However, I would encourage you to share my posts on social media sites that link back to me. That will continue to help build our community.

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