Crochet Bunny Blankie Pattern

Crochet Bunny Blankie Pattern is from It is no surprise that I am a self-taught crocheter. After many years of putting basic stitches together…Crochet Bunny Blankie Pattern review.

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Keep Mastering Stitches and Patterns

It is no surprise that I am a self-taught crocheter. After many years of putting basic stitches together, I finally learned how to read a crochet pattern this past year.  It has opened up a whole new world for me. I have never made a crocheted stuffed animal before either. Well I really didn’t yet…only partially…the head and a blankie. Here is my experience making the. Bunny Comfort Blankie pattern from

Tan and Brown Crochet  Bunnie Blankie
Tan and Brown Crochet Bunnie Blankie

Red Heart Pattern

I made this crochet bunny blankie from a pattern by Red Heart. I had to start over a few times, but I think it turned out pretty well.  Then I switched up the colors and made another one. This is the pattern that I used. Bunny Comfort Blankie. There are two pages of pattern instructions and a diagram for the construction of adding the ears to the head.

Crocheting the Ears

There is a diagram included with the pattern. Attaching the ears is quite easy to complete if there is enough detail provided. The instructions for the ears was very easy for me to follow. Here is a picture of my ears for my crochet bunny blankie. This pattern works the inside of the ears first, then the back of the ears, and finally the ears are joined together. Quite a clever method.

Inside of bunny ear
Inside of bunny ear
Outside bunny ear
Outside bunny ear
Bunny ear crochet together
Bunny ear crochet together

Starting Crochet Pattern Over a Few Times

Making the head was actually the part that I had to start over a few times. I got confused on the stitches when reducing the number of crochet stitches. I was supposed to single crochet two stitches together. After a bit, it became obvious that the head was no longer looking like a circle. So, I ripped out the stitches. It only took a few tries and I got it. Additionally, the pattern stops the work on the head just after row 12 so that the ears can be attached and the eyes and nose can be added. Once that is completed, the head can be completed.

Crocheting the Hands

The pattern called for 17 stitches. This just seemed like it would be too long sticking out from the sides of the blankie. I made mine 10 stitches, then completed the hands with half double crochet.

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Crocheting the Blankie

For the tan blankie, I made the blankie part the same number of stitches and rows that the pattern called for. Then for the next blankie, which was the brown bunny, I made the blankie part two rows longer when expanding. This makes the blankie a bit bigger. In order to make it a nice diamond shape, I had to have a few rows added to the reduction of stitches section too. I crochet the reduction stitches until I had two stitches left. Then I completed the border that the pattern called for.

Tan bunny crochet blankie

Cute Pattern

Overall, this was a fun pattern to work with. I made my first one and my family love it. so, I made a second in brown yarn. My daughter and husband thought they were wonderful. Of course, their support helps me keep trying new things – even if they do not turn out sometimes.

Brown crochet bunny blanket
Brown crochet bunny blanket

Crochet Pattern Review

However, this time, I would say that these turned out. I would strongly recommend this pattern to anyone that is looking for an afternoon project that is fun. If you do have children or know someone with a baby or going to be having a baby, this would make a great gift.

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