Natures Best Herbs Scarf Crochet Pattern

This Natures Best Herbs Scarf Crochet Pattern is another easy pattern that can be made on a weekend.  Great for a beginner to master the stitches and have a beautiful scarf to wear as a result. Free pattern instructions are included in this article.

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Beautiful and Soft Yarn

The combination of this beautiful yarn and a simple double crochet pattern really makes this project a gorgeous look. Hint: sometimes, this yarn is hard to see the stitch that you are supposed to make your double crochet in. Therefore, you might find it easier to insert the hook in the space between the double crochet stitches, yarn over, pull through the yarn and complete your double crochet stitch.

Give the Gift of Crochet

At the time of writing this blog post, the holidays are right around the corner. I am starting to make gifts for the holidays right now. This crochet scarf would be a gift that would bring joy to the recipient. In Wisconsin, the weather is getting cold and there are also those that are less fortunate. Now would also be a good time to donate some of your handmade items to those in need.

Directions: Natures Best Herbs Scarf Crochet Pattern


This scarf is worked the length of the scarf using double crochet stitches. The one I made is approximately 48 inches long and 7 ½ inches wide.


1 -2 Skeins Lion Brand Home Spun Herb Garden

The skeins of yarn will depend on the length, width, and crochet hook that you choose to use.

Size H Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle


CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
SP = Space
ST = Stitch


Chain 147 and continue to row 1.

Row 1: in 4rd CH from hook, DC. Continue to DC until the last ST. Turn.

Row 2: CH 3 and DC in next ST. Continue to DC until the last ST. Turn.

Rows 3-10: Continue row 2 until desired width. I did mine 10 rows.

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When complete finish off by weaving in the ends using a yarn needle. Cut off excess yarn.

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