Snowy White Infinity Cowl

This Snowy White Infinity Cowl is an easy crochet pattern that can be created in an afternoon if you work at it or at the very least a weekend. What a great gift this would make for yourself or someone else. If you can do a chain stitch and double crochet, you can make this Snowy White Infinity Cowl.

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Easy Crochet Pattern

Once you determine the size of the scarf or infinity cowl that you would like to make, the rest is easy. This pattern is a wonderful way to build your skills in crochet while making something beautiful. I truly think that the yarn can make a project pop. Using a beginner crochet pattern like that paired with this yarn make for a beautiful and stylish cowl to wear and enjoy.

This Deco Lion Brand yarn is so soft and elegant looking. This can be worn with or without a brooch. The brooch is a nice way to dress up the infinity cowl even more.

Directions: Snowy White Infinity Cowl



This pattern is worked to your desired length, then joined at the end to create the infinity cowl. The one I made is approximately 65 inches long and 4 ½ inches wide.

If you would like to make the scarf wider or narrower, add or remove 2 chains at a time. If you would like it longer or shorter, adjust how many rows you complete.


1 Skein Lion Brand Deco Homespun Yarn

Size H Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle


CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
SP = space
ST = Stitch


Chain 24 and continue to row 1.

Row 1: in 3rd ST from hook, DC. Continue to DC until the last ST. Turn.

Row 2: CH 3 and DC in next ST. Continue to DC until the last ST. Turn.

Rows 3 and on: Continue row 2 until desired length. I did mine until it was 65 inches long.

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Joining: Align the ends of the cowl so that they are flat against each other, and aligned with each other. (make sure not to twist the cowl when aligning the ends). Using a yarn needle, weave the yarn back and forth through the last CH of each side until the cowl is joined. Once complete, weave in the ends. Enjoy wearing your beautiful Snowy White Infinity Cowl.

Weave in yarn with the yarn needle. Cut off any excess yarn.

Here is a picture of my finished cowl.

Snowy White Infinity Cowl complete

Cowl or Scarf Option

You could also leave this as a scarf and not join the ends. However, sometimes I think it is easier to wear if you can just slip it over your head. Either way, I just love the results.


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  1. I believe the instructions after “chain 24” are incorrect. It says to join with a,slip stitch…if you do this, using an H hook, it’s going to be a little circle that’s not going to fit over any head except a Barbie doll. And, since you are saying to lay it flat when done and join both ends to form the scarf, something does not make sense. It should probably read “chain 24, and proceed to Row 1. You might just want to check and see if it was printed incorrectly. Thanks, Joan

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