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T-Shirt Yarn Cowl

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Add some Pizzazz with this  T-Shirt Yarn Cowl. Fun beginner crochet project. If you can make a chain stitch and single crochet, you can make this in an afternoon.

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Easy Crochet Cowl with T-Shirt Yarn
Easy Crochet Cowl with T-Shirt Yarn

T-shirt yarn can be purchased like I did or made from t-shirts that you no longer wear. I have not done this myself, but I plan on giving it a try one day. Cozy in a warm place and try your hand at making this crochet t-shirt yarn cowl.

It is September and this is the time of year when I start looking for things that my family will like for Christmas. I look for deals. This is a fun handmade gift that will not break the bank.

Relaxing Crochet Pattern

I love making crochet patterns that I barely have to pay attention to what I am doing once I get the pattern figured out. It is a stress reliever for me to watch television and crochet at the end of a long day. Helps me relax and get work off my mind so I can sleep. If you do crochet, you probably know what I am talking about. If you are new to crocheting, I bet that you will use this to relax too. This is one of those patterns.

Two Fun Colors Were Used Today

I ended up making two of them. One in a red and one in a coral. They would both be pretty with a sweatshirt or a jean jacket combo. Great for the cooler weather that is just around the corner.

Red T-Shirt Yarn Cowl
Red T-Shirt Yarn Cowl
Coral T-Shirt Yarn Cowl
Coral T-Shirt Yarn Cowl

Directions: T-Shirt Yarn Cowl


SC = Single Crochet

CH = chain

ST = Stitch

YO = Yarn Over


Boye Crochet Hook Size N
Yarn Needle
Stitch Marker

Red Heart Strata Yarn 1 skein in Red


Red Heart Strata yarn 1 skein in Coral


Here is a close up of the cowl.

close up of cowl

This crochet cowl is worked flat and joined at the end. If you are a beginner, I think this is a great way to start making crochet scarves and cowls.

Chain 20.

Row 1:

in 4th ST from hook, complete a SC. CH 4, skip next 3 ST and SC in 4th ST. Repeat until the end and SC in the last ST.

Row 2:

Turn and CH 4. Insert hook into the first hole that was made from the first CH 4, YO and complete a SC. *CH 4, insert hook into the next hole, YO and complete a SC*. Continue from * until the end and end with a SC in the last ST.

Rows 3 – 67:

Repeat row 2. Do not cut off or fasten off yarn yet.


Bring the beginning row even with the last row completed. *CH 4, insert hook in the hole directly across and complete a SC, then YO back in the hole that you normally would have done a SC in and complete a SC*. Complete this until the end of the row. End with a SC in the last ST.

I am a bit worried that the joining instructions are unclear. Here is a visual that I hope helps you understand the instructions.

Joining stitches t-shirt cowl

Use a yarn needle to weave in ends. Cut off excess yarn. Enjoy wearing your T-Shirt Yarn Cowl.

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