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Blue Lace Agate Crochet Stole

The Blue Lace Agate Crochet Stole is an elegant accessory to make for yourself or someone special. This stole is made with one skein of yarn that changes color throughout the skein. The crochet pattern is worked in a semi-circular pattern.

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Make this stole with a fingering yarn for a lovely drape. This crochet pattern consists of a one row repeat with eight stitches added in each row. Using the front post double crochet stitch throughout this pattern creates ridges on this squishy textured stole. Use various colors of yarn cakes to create this beauty without tons of yarn ends to weave in.

Easy crochet pattern with gorgeous results. This is a perfect crochet pattern to work on and watch your favorite television show at the same time.

Blue Lace Agate Crochet Stole
Blue Lace Agate Crochet Stole

Crochet Pattern Name Inspiration

The colors of this yarn used in this crochet pattern reminded me of the various hues of the water on the Great lakes. I can just picture the waves gently rolling into shore. Additionally, we will go searching for agates on the shores of Lake Superior when we visit. The agate that reminds me most of this stole is the Blue Lace Agate.

What is an Agate?

Agates are semiprecious stones that can be found throughout the world. Often, we find agates on the shores of Lake Superior.

Where to Find Agates?

We find the best agates where the waves have moved the soil and sand by the shorelines, The waves are always moving the shoreline and bringing new agates to find.

Blue Lace Agate Stone
Blue Lace Agate Stone

Have you ever heard of a Blue Lace Agate?

This agate originates from Africa. It has lovely bands of blue and white colors throughout the stone. When I researched more about this Blue Lace Agate, I found that it has special meanings and uses.

The layered bands of microscopic quartz in the Agate may appear dainty; however, they are said to be very strong for balancing emotional, physical, and intellectual energy. It supports the Ying and Yang and balances the positive and negative forces of the universe. You can find out more about the Blue Lace Agate.

Easy Elegant Crochet Shawl Pattern

This stylish crochet stole pattern is the perfect elegant coverup for a wedding, prom, or any other special occasion where you want to look your best.

Blue Lace Agate Crochet Stole

This shawl has a squishy texture due to the crochet stitch that was used. The stitch pattern also gives this a stretchy texture. It can be stretched out a bit and it will bounce back to its shape.

Handmade Crochet Blue Stole Styled
Handmade Crochet Blue Stole Styled

What is the Difference Between a Shawl, Wrap, Scarf, and Stole?

Let’s learn a little about fashion. These four terms are often used interchangeably. However, there really are subtle differences. Let’s break down the basics for you.

What is a Shawl

A shawl is a piece of clothing coverup that can be worn in many different ways. It might accentuate your outfit, cover up bare shoulders at an evening formal event like prom or graduation ceremony, or keep you warm when it’s cold outside. Shawls are a wonderful way to add a finishing touch to any outfit. They can be asymmetrical, triangle, semi-circle, or rectangle shape.

What is a Wrap

The wrap is a more recent term and used primarily to describe both stoles and shawls. The word “wrap” can refer to cloth that loosely covers any outer garment, which would be wrapped around your upper body when you wear one of these types on yourself

A wrapping style has been popular for centuries among women in cultures from all over the world; different styles have evolved depending upon where they come into contact with other cultures, or their own traditions–from India’s sari-style dress we know today as well Arabic burqas worn during prayer time (masks)

Blue Lace Agate Shawl Easy
Blue Lace Agate Shawl Easy

What is a Scarf

Scarves are a fun accessory that can be worn to keep your head and neck warm. They come in many different styles, ranging from stylish affairs for formal occasions all the way down to casual scarves designed specifically with active lifestyles in mind!

The size of a typical scarf varies anywhere between 4″ – 16″ wide. Adjust the length depending on how much you want it wrap around yourself or tie together. General rule of thumb is 50-80 inches long.

What is a Stole

A stole is a formal garment that covers the shoulders, usually over dinner gowns, formal dresses, evening dresses. They’re typically made of lighter material such as silk and chiffon. They have narrower edges than shawls, which make them more form-fitting to your body shape. Often, people wear a stole like a short cloak.

YouTube Video Tutorial

You will find a video tutorial for both a right hand and left hand crocheter after the written directions for this pattern.

Close up of Stole Ridges
Close up of Stole Ridges

Directions: Blue lace Agate Crochet Stole


16 inches long in the middle, flat and not stretched out. 80 inches wide following the curve on the bottom row.

To change the shawl size, just work more rows or stop when you feel that the shawl is long and wide enough.


25 Single Crochet per 4 inches.


Cotton Kings Twirls Sultan – Blue Moonstone (11) 874 yards, 1 skein.

If you are not able to find the yarn locally, you can find it here.

Crochet Hook Size H

Yarn Needle



CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

STs = Stitches

[ ] = Repeat Between

Special Stitches

This crochet pattern uses the front pose double crochet stitch.

Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC)

Front post stitches are raised crochet stitches on the surface of the fabric facing you. Note: Because a post stitch is shorter than a normal stitch, you make the turning chain with one chain stitch less than the normal turning chain requires. Yarn over, insert the hook from front to back between the posts of the first and second double crochet of the row below. Then insert the hook from the back to the front between the posts of the second and third stitches. (The hook should now be positioned horizontally behind the double crochet that you are working around). Yarn over, pull the yarn around the post of the stitch. There should now be 3 loops on the hook. Yarn over, pull the yarn through 2 loops on the hook. Lastly, yarn over again and pull through the last two loops on the hook.

Crochet Pattern notes

Each row increases by 8 stitches.

From row 3 and beyond, you will continue to add 1 stitch between the 2 FPDC stitches.

Crochet this pattern in a semi-circle.

I made my stole 43 rows long. I just crocheted until I was not able to make another row with the yarn cake that I used.

Crochet Pattern Directions


CH 4, Join with a SL ST to form a ring.

Row 1

CH 3 (Counts as a DC) 7 DC in the ring. Turn (8 DC)

Row 2

CH 3 (Counts as a DC) DC in the same SP, 2 FPDC in each DC of the previous row. End with 2 DC in the last ST, which is the top CH ST of the first CH 3 of the previous row. Turn (16 DC)

Close up of Stitches Rows 1 and 2
Close up of Stitches Rows 1 and 2

Row 3

CH 3 (Counts as a DC) DC in the same SP, [FPDC in the next ST, 2 FPDC in the next ST] Repeat across between [ ]. End with a DC in the last ST. Turn (24 DC)

Row 4

Repeat row 3 with 2 STs between the 2 FPDC STs. (32 DC)

Close up of Stitches Rows 3 and 4
Close up of Stitches Rows 3 and 4

Row 5

Repeat row 3 with 3 STs between the 2 FPDC STs. (40 DC)

Row 6

Repeat row 3 with 4 STs between the 2 FPDC STs. (48 DC)

Close up of Stitches Rows 5 and 6
Close up of Stitches Rows 5 and 6

Rows 7 and Beyond

Continue to repeat row 3 adding 1 stitch between the 2 FPDC STs. Each round increases by 8 STs.


Weave in the yarn ends and remove the excess yarn.

YouTube Crochet Tutorial for the Blue Lace Agate Crochet Stole

right hand crochet tutorial

left hand crochet tutorial

If you like the look of the semi-circle shawl, here are a few more crochet patterns for you.

Footprints in the Sand Beach Shawl

Ombre Crescent Moon Shawl

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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