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Crochet Guidelines for Standard Bed and Blanket Sizes

There are lots of yarn lovers looking for crochet guidelines for standard bed and blanket sizes. If you take a few moments to search, you will find that sizes are all over the place.

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Therefore, I have done some research and will present what I have learned. I hope this helps you determine the size you would like to make your next blanket, throw, or afghan.

Four Granny Square Baby Blankets
Four Granny Square Baby Blankets

Planning a Handmade Blanket

Often, I find myself loving a yarn color, spending hours trying to find a pattern that is just right for the color or making up my own design.

However, sometimes I struggle with how large I should make the item. It is easier if I know ahead of time who I am making it for, where it will be used, or what occasion I will make this for ahead of time. It is nice to have a selection of handmade blankets for baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays.

Use general blanket size guidelines to help plan your next handmade blanket.

Home Decor Afghans and Blankets

Home Décor Afghans

Use handmade items to add color, texture, and warmth to your home. Home décor afghans can be called a throw or afghan. What is the difference? Throws vs. Afghans

The terms “blanket,” “throw,” and “afghan” are frequently used interchangeably. Although these terms are often used as synonyms, they actually refer to different things.

You probably instinctively know that a blanket is large enough to be used as bedding whereas a throw is a small blanket designed to be “thrown” over the legs or feet for warmth. But where does an afghan fit in?

An afghan is a throw, but it’s a particular type of throw. The difference between a throw and an afghan lies in construction. The term “afghan” is generally used for a throw that has been hand-stitched, knitted, or crocheted.

In general, a blanket is a large piece of fabric used for keeping warm typically as bedding; a throw is a small blanket often used as a decor element over a couch, and an afghan is a crocheted or knitted blanket.

Now that we know the difference, if you are like me, I often use the two interchangeably. So, please forgive me if I go against the definitions and call crocheted items a blanket.

General Throw Blanket and Lapghan Sizes

You may be wondering what a laphan is. Generally, a lapghan is used to cover the legs and keep the chill off for a person in a wheelchair or sitting position on a chair. While a throw blanket can be used for home décor and snuggling under when relaxing on the sofa.

  • Lapghan                         36 X 48 inches
  • Throw Blanket (small)   48 X 48 – 60 inches
  • Throw Blanket (large)    60 X 72 inches
Photo showing baby crib in a room
Baby Crib Blanket Sizes

How Big is a Crib Blanket?

Determining Afghan Sizes for a Crib or Bed

The first thing that you need to know is the size of the bed you will be making your afghan for. Along with the bed size, think about how much you would like the blanket to drape over the side of the bed. If you determine not to have any drape, go ahead and made your afghan the size of the bed listed below in the standard mattress sizes chart.

If you desire to have a drape, the length of the drape can be a personal choice; however, in general, people like to have their bed coverings tucked nicely under their neck while covering their feet too. Additionally, when making the bed, the afghan can be tucked over the pillows for a beautiful look.

Suggested Afghan Sizes with Drape Over the Sides

  • Crib                          36 X 54-60 inches
  • Twin (Single)           69 X 95 inches
  • Twin XL                   69 X 100 inches
  • Full (Double)            84 X 95 inches
  • Queen                     90 X 100 inches
  • King                         106 X 100 inches
  • California King         102 X 104 inches

Crochet Guidelines for Standard Bed and Blanket Sizes

Crochet Guidelines for Standard Bed and Blanket Sizes

“American” Standard Mattress Sizes

This chart gives the sizes in inches and centimeters for the seven main types of mattresses used in the Western world.

SizesDimensions (in)Dimensions (cm)
Crib27 X 52 inches68.5 X 132 centimeters
Twin (Single)39 X 75 inches96.5 X 190.5 centimeters
Twin XL39 X 80 inches96.5 X 203.5 centimeters
Full (Double)54 X 75 inches134.5 X 190.5 centimeters
Queen60 X 80 inches152.5 X 203.5 centimeters
King76 X 80 inches193 X 203.5 centimeters
Cal King72 X 84 inches183 X 213.5 centimeters

Blanket Sizes for Babies and Children

After investigating the various sizes recommended for blankets. These are the general sizes that I have determined that are the most popular. Because there is not a standard, such as the size of a bed for these blankets, it becomes a bit more general in sizing blankets for babies and children.

However, there are two crochet sites that stand out with information on blanket sizes that helped me finalize this list. One is The Crochet Crowd and the other is The Spruce Crafts. Therefore, I have given approximate sizes below based on research and recommendations from other crafters.

Textured Baby Blanket in Pastel
Textured Baby Blanket in Pastel

Baby and Children Blanket Sizes

The baby and children blanket sizes that I have provided for you below are listed in alphabetical order to assist in finding just the right size for your next handmade project. Also, you will notice that some of the sizes are in ranges. As you can see, many of the blanket sizes are very forgiving. If your measurements are not exact, no worries.

  • Baby Range: 34-36 X 46 inches
  • Bassinet: 13 X 28 inches
  • Crib: 36 X 54-60 inches
  • Lovey: square 12 inches
  • Play pen: square 40 inches
  • Preemie: square 18 inches
  • Receiving: square from 24-36 inches
  • Security: square 16 inches
  • Stroller: 30 X 36 inches
  • Swaddle: square 48 inches
  • Toddler Range: 42-46 X 52-60 inches
Binding Off Tunisian Crochet
Making a Swatch for Crochet Gauge

Crochet Gauge

If you are wanting to make a specific size project, it is important to make a small swatch before diving into the larger undertaking. One way to do this is to determine the gauge.

What is gauge? Gauge is the number of stitches per inch and rows per inch that result from a specified yarn worked with a specified-size hook. However, everyone crochets differently; tight, loose, or somewhere in-between. Therefore, the measurements of individual work can vary greatly when using the same-size hook and yarn.

crocheting a chain stitch row
Make a Crochet Swatch

Making a Swatch

In every crochet pattern the hook size given in instructions and yarn are what a person used to crochet the pattern. However, due to the individual crochet variation, you might have a different result. Therefore, it is recommended to make a 4-inch swatch to check the gauge. To do this, use the same yarn and hook size indicated in the crochet pattern.

What To Do If Your Swatch Is A Different Size?

Here are a few suggestions if your swatch is a different size than the pattern maker. If you have more stitches per inch than specified, try again using a larger-size hook.

If you have fewer stitches per inch than specified, try again using a smaller-size hook. Do not hesitate to change to a larger- or smaller-size hook, if necessary, to achieve gauge.

Thicker and thinner yarn sizes will also make a difference. Give the swatch a few tries until you achieve the desired size. When you have found that, go ahead and dig into the larger handmade project.

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I hope that you liked this information. Here are some crochet tutorials. Also, if you are looking for more ideas for crocheted projects, here are a few others you may enjoy.

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