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Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl

This crochet spiked triangle shawl is an easy first shawl to make. This crochet pattern also comes with a video tutorial for those that prefer learning visually. The spikes on the ends add a soft flair to the comfy scarf.

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Unforgettable Yarn Crochet Triangle Shawl
Unforgettable Yarn Crochet Triangle Shawl

You could wear this around your neck like a bandanna scarf or even as a shawlette. This worked up rather quickly. Need a quick gift for someone or want to make one for yourself to wear? I was able to make this shawl in less than two weeks; crocheting a few hours each day.

Scarf Yarn

Do you have a few skeins of Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in your stash? I happened to see this beautiful yarn in the store a few weeks ago and I added some to my stash. This shawl took two full skeins for the shawl itself and about a quarter of the third skein for the spiked fringe.

Note: there was a white section of yarn that I cut out on the two skeins used for the shawl itself. When I crocheted with the first skein of yarn with it included, my eyes were drawn to the white. It just did not blend into the rest of the yarn. Therefore, I cut it out. If you are new to crocheting, don’t be afraid to change the yarn colors to make your crochet projects what you like. I had to weave in a few extra yarn ends, but I think it was worth it. Here is a photo of what I removed.

White Yarn Removed
White Yarn Removed

Triangle Shawl Without the Spiked Fringe

This shawl is beautiful just like this too.

Here are a few photos to help you fall in love with this pattern. It works up so fast and easy too. Great for just the right amount of coverage.

Crochet Triangle Scarf
Crochet Triangle Scarf

The hues of lavender are just lovely.

This pattern is great for the beginner crocheter looking for something a little more challenging or the seasoned crocheter looking for a quick relaxing project. 

Scarf without Spiked Fringe
Scarf without Spiked Fringe

Easily Add the Spiked Fringe to the Shawl

If you can complete a single crochet and a slip stitch, you can add the spiked fringe to the edge of the shawl. I think it adds such a fun spark to this crochet project.

Video Tutorial

The video tutorial is near the bottom of this pattern. The first part of the video will show the crochet pattern for the shawl itself; while the second part of the video will show the spiked stitched edging.

Are you new to crochet and not sure how to complete the Double Crochet Stitch? Check out the video to help you master it. Here is the link to the crochet tutorials.

We Did This Pattern Before

You may recognize this stitch pattern. I used this same stitch with a different yarn on a shawl pattern previously. This was the beautiful outcome of that pattern. If you haven’t seen this one – I urge you to check this one out too.

Triangle Shawl with Fringe
Quick and Easy Crochet Triangle Scarf

Great Way to Hold the Shawl Without the Bulk of Tying

This holds secure and does not catch the yarn either. Additionally, you can purchase this in a variety of colors. Wondering what it is? A 2-inch hair clip. You can get them very reasonable here.

Just clip them on and reduce the bulk around your neck or style the shawl anyway you want to. Just use the clips to hold in place.

Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl
Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl

Directions: Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl

The shawl is 54 rows. Finished size is 24 inches from the middle tip to the top. It is 55 inches wide at the top.


2 1/4 Skeins of Red Heart Unforgettable Pearly yarn. Approximately 640 yards. You can get that here if you are not able to purchase it locally.

Size I 5.25 mm Crochet Hook


Yarn Needle

This crochet set is a nice set of all the crochet hook, scissors, and yarn needles for this project.


CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

Directions to the Shawl

Begin with CH 4

Row 1: Insert your hook in the first CH and complete 3 DC.

This completes row 1.

Row 2: CH 3, 2 DC in the beginning ST. CH 1, 3 DC in the top ST of the last DC of the first row.

That is all there is to it for row 2.

Row 3 and beyond: CH 3, 2 DC in the beginning ST. CH 1, 3 DC in the previous CH 1 SP. CH 1, 3 DC in the last DC of the previous row.

Make this Triangle Shawl as large as you would like it. Continue the stitch pattern in row three making sure to start each row with the CH 3 and 2 DC. Then completing the 3 DC for each CH 1 SP and ending with the 3 DC in the last DC ST of the previous row.


Weave in the yarn ends and cut off the excess yarn before adding the spiked fringe.

Directions to the Spiked Fringe

I started my spikes on row 15 from the wide (top edge). The spikes are achieved by alternating between a chain of 8 and chain of 5.

Join yarn

First Spike = 8 Chains

SC, CH 8, SL ST back down the chains (including the 2 loops from the SC). SC in the same SP.

Second Spike = 5 Chains

SC in next SP. CH 5, SL ST back down the chains (including the 2 loops from the SC). SC in the same SP.

Continue alternating between the first and second spike until you are at the 15th row from the top on the other side of the shawl.


Weave in the yarn ends and cut off excess.

Close up of Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl
Close up of Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl

Video of Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl

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I hope that you liked this pattern. If you are looking for more ideas for crocheted projects, here are a few others you may enjoy.

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