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Easy and Quick Infinity Scarf

This Easy and Quick Infinity Scarf is perfect for a beginner and experienced crocheters alike. The pattern uses basic crochet stitches and repeats one row, and it can be made with any worsted weight yarn.

As I was taking photos of this basic infinity scarf, I realized how lovely they would look paired together.

The result is a chunky infinity cowl that has a two-toned color. What a gorgeous festive look for the cold days.

Make this in neutral colors and wear this year-round as a fashion accessory.

Oh, and did I say it only takes one skein of yarn?

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Easy and Quick Infinity Scarf

Holiday Season Beautiful Scarf

I made three colors of these crochet infinity scarves for my family and friends as Holiday presents. They will make great gifts and they work up fast too.

If you are just learning how to crochet, making an infinity scarf is a great project to work on. In just a short time, you will have something beautiful to wear that you made. So, head to your yarn stash or your local craft store today to pick out the different colors you want.

What Makes This Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern Beginner Friendly?

This pattern is great for confident beginner crocheters as it simple stitches, the basic half double crochet stitch. While the half double crochets are slightly modified, it is repeated throughout the pattern. Once you have finished crocheting the scarf, it is joined to make a cowl.

Even experienced crocheters will love working on this pattern as it can be made rather quickly while watching your favorite television show. It can be wonderful working on easy patterns with beautiful results.

Crochet Fashion

Turn This into a Chunky Scarf

If you love the chunky infinity scarf look, then this pattern is for you too, grab yourself some bulky weight yarn. However, the foundation chain stitch count will have to be adjusted. You will want the finished scarf to be 55-60-inches in length using the chunky yarn, or two strands of worsted weight yarn held together to make bulky yarn.

What is an Infinity Scarf?

An infinity scarf is a long rectangle of fabric or other fiber such as yarn that is joined to make a continuous circle. Another way to think about an infinity scarf is a circle scarf. Loop this fashion accessory around the neck or worn over the shoulders. Another term for an infinity scarf is a cowl.

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is an on-trend accessory. Wear this circular scarf in a variety of ways. Here are a few styling ideas.

  • Hanging down as a long loop around the neck
  • Twisted and folded in half and both loops placed around the neck for a close fit
  • Draped over the head and worn as a hooded scarf
  • Draped around the shoulders
  • Looped around the neck with a knot halfway down the loop
  • Draped over the neck and pinned in the middle

How Long Does It Take to Crochet a Scarf?

While it really depends on the size of the scarf, often, they can be crocheted in one day or less. Experienced crocheters will be able to whip up this simple pattern for an infinity cowl in about 8-9 hours. However, newer crocheters might take a bit longer.

They are a fairly quick and easy infinity scarf crochet pattern to make even if you are a beginner.

How Many Skeins of Yarn Do You Need to Crochet an Infinity Scarf?

In general, if using a worsted weight yarn and size H or I crochet hook, an infinity scarf will take just one skein of yarn, approximately 255-350 yards.

Crochet Scarf Pattern

Directions: Easy and Quick Infinity Scarf

Skill Level

Confident Beginner.


Finished Size is approximately 5 ½-inches wide X 57-inches long.


12 Stitches to 4-inches.


I made this Infinity Scarf in 3 colors.

Soft White, Red Heart Super Saver, 1 Skein or 255 yards.

Red, Red Heart Super Saver Metallic in the colors, 1 Skein or each or 255 yards for each infinity scarf.

Light Grey, Red Heart Super Saver Metallic in the colors, 1 Skein or each or 255 yards for each infinity scarf.

If you are not able to find the yarn locally, you can find it here. You might find a few more color choices in the yarn here too.

Crochet Hook Size I 9 or 5.5mm

Yarn Needle



CH = Chain

HDC = Half Double Crochet

SK = Skip

ST = Stitch

STs = Stitches

YO = Yarn Over

[ ] = Repeat Between

Crochet Pattern Notes

This crochet pattern is worked the length of the scarf. With each row that is added making the scarf wider.

Turn at the end of each row.

Chain 2 at the beginning of each row counts as a half double crochet.

To change the length of the scarf, increase or decrease the beginning chain stitches. Since this is a multiple of one, any number of chains will work. Change the width by adding or subtracting rows.

This pattern is for an average women’s size scarf that measures between 50 and 60 inches in length.

This infinity scarf is worked flat and joined into a circle at the end. However, you can keep this as a regular scarf and not join to wear as a cozy scarf.

The half double crochet stitch is modified in this pattern to create a slight ridge on the wrong side with each row. Rather than work a half double crochet in the top two loops, work the half double crochet in the front two loops.

Crochet Pattern Directions


CH 175

Row 1

In the 3rd CH from the Hook, work a HDC. [In the next CH work a HDC] Repeat across between [ ] ending with a HDC in the last ST.

Row 2

CH 2 (Counts as HDC). HDC in each ST across inserting the hook through the front two loops only. End with a HDC in the last ST.

Row 3

CH 2 (Counts as HDC). HDC in each ST across inserting the hook through the front two loops only. End with a HDC in the top CH of the previous row CH 2.

Rows 4– 14

Repeat row 3 until your scarf reaches the desired width.

Joining Crochet Scarf
Joining Crochet Scarf


When you have reached your desired length, tie off the yarn leaving about 20-inches of yarn. Use this long yarn to sew the two ends of the scarf together with a tapestry needle. (Or you can use the crochet hook and slip stitch the ends together).

Weave in the yarn ends and remove the excess yarn.

Lay the scarf flat and fold the rectangle so the short edges meet. Keep the lines matched up sew the ends together.

Weave the needle through a two yarn loops on one side go across to the other edge and pull the yarn through the loops. Now put the needle through two loops on this side, go across through two loops on the other side and pull the yarn through. Repeat this process until the ends have been seamed. Hint: once I have seamed the ends of the scarf once, I go back up and repeat the process. For me, the double seam is more secure and makes me feel better about nothing pulling loose.

Here are a few more easy crochet scarf patterns you might be interested in making.

Journey Through the Stones. This is one of my favorite crochet fashion pieces that I have made. It is easy and the colors are just gorgeous with the stitch pattern.

Tropical Summer Evening Shawl. You can make this scarf pattern rather quickly and the results are so pretty.

I hope you take some time to browse through the many free crochet patterns available.

Crochet Video Tutorials for Infinity Scarf

Video demonstrating the Easy and Quick Infinity Scarf

Right hand crochet

Left hand crochet

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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