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How to Crochet with Velvet Yarn

Learn how to crochet with velvet yarn and have beautiful results. Crocheting a blanket using a chunky velvet yarn is probably the most luxurious feeling afghan that I have made yet.

You might be wondering why I felt a need to write a special article on how to crochet using velvet yarn. Well, the first few small projects that I made using this yarn came with a learning curve. Therefore, to help you have lovely and successful results, I wanted to share these tips with you.

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How to Crochet with Velvet Yarn
How to Crochet with Velvet Yarn

Types of Velvet Yarn

Velvet yarn tends to be made of polyester and it comes in chunky, thin, twisted, and a crushed look. There is a wide variety of color shades to choose from.

Just a bit about care of finished projects using this type of yarn. Most of the velvet yarn care calls for hand washing and hanging to dry or lying flat. Since this tends to be a shiny yarn that can be a bit finicky it is a good idea to stay away from dry cleaning.

To get you started with the specifics of velvet yarn, I have added the most popular brands and types as of today for you to explore.

Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn

This Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn is soft and wrinkle resistant. One of the things I like best about this yarn is the fact that each skein has 492 yards of yarn. That makes me want to use the yarn for larger projects like a blanket as there will be less yarn ends to weave in.

This yarn is made of 100% Polyester. Weight category is 4. The suggested crochet hook size is H, 4.5mm.

Bernat Velvet Yarn

The Bernat Velvet Yarn has a lovely shine and comes in a range of rich-looking colors. Each skein has 315 yards.

The yarn is made of 100% polyester. Weight category is 5 bulky. The suggested crochet hook size is K, 6.5 mm.

Bernat Crushed Velvet

This Bernat Crushed Velvet yarn is another luxurious and soft yarn that comes in solid and multi-tonal colors. Each skein has 315 yards of yarn.

The yarn is made of 100% polyester. Weight category is 5 bulky. Suggested crochet hook is I, 5.5 mm

Bernat Velvet Twist

Bernat Velvet Twist has a twist to the yarn which adds texture to your stitches while maintaining a soft and plush feel to the yarn. Each skein has 229 yards of yarn.

The yarn is made of 100% polyester. Weight category is 5 bulky. Suggested crochet hook is I, 5.5 mm.  

Go Handmade Boheme Velvet Yarn from Hobbi

Boheme Velvet is an easy yarn to work with that creates a soft and cuddly project. This yarn comes in a wide variety of colors. Each skein has 77 yards.

The yarn is made of 100% polyester. Weight category is worsted. Suggested hook is G 4.0 mm.  

Go Handmade Boheme Velvet Fine

Boheme Velvet Fine is a soft and delicate yarn to crochet lighter projects. Each skein has 208 yards.

The yarn is made of 100% polyester. Weight category is fingering, sock yarn. Suggested hook is E 3.5 mm.

Lion Brand Naptime Yarn

Lion Brand Naptime yarn is a soft chenille yarn that comes in pastel and neutral colors. A bit sturdier yarn that can be machine washed on gentle and lay flat to dry. Each skein has 306 yards.  

The yarn is made of 100% polyester. Weight category is 4 medium. Suggested hook is H 4.50 mm.

Velvet Yarn Crochet Tips ball of yarn with a textured pattern draped over the ball of yarn
Velvet Yarn Crochet Tips

Why Use Velvet Yarn?

If you are like me, you have probably noticed that velvet décor seems to be making a comeback. In home décor and fashion velvet is being used to inspire a retro look. More popular home décor accessories are plush pillows and cushions, luxurious blankets and throws, and posh velvet wearable accessories.

Rather than pay the high price tag at retail stores, learn how to make your own and add your personal touch and flare too.

Once you learn how to work with this yarn, it is a joy to use. However, not all crochet projects start out that way.

The yarn has a tendency to sometimes twist up a bit. Therefore, I unwound less yarn at a time and had no issues.

Soft and Chunky Crochet Blankets
Soft and Chunky Crochet Blankets

Learning How to Crochet with Velvet Yarn

This yarn has a rich feel with beautiful looking results. Use this for crochet projects throughout the home, baby blankets, mittens, hats, pillows, and large afghans.

What Yarn Tension to Use with Velvet Yarn?

Tension plays a huge role in how your finished crochet project will look. Due to the slipperiness of the velvet yarn, it is common for stitches to “worm” their way out of position. Simply put, there are yarn loops that pull away and create large loops that look like a worm.

Therefore, it is important to have a snug tension on the yarn. If you tend to crochet loosely, you might get better results to go down a hook size from what is recommended. This can help create a tighter stitch and keep all the stitches in place.

Chunky Velvet Crochet Stitch in pink white blue and grey
Chunky Velvet Crochet Stitch

How to Successfully Crochet with Velvet Yarn

After practicing and researching there are a few tips and tricks that will help you be successful in your next velvet yarn project. There are eight key areas of focus that helps create a flawless finished project.

  1. Start using the yarn end on the outside and work your way toward the center.
  2. Have a snug yarn tension.
  3. Use stitches that work with the yarn.
  4. Pay attention to where you are inserting your hook.
  5. Leave a longer yarn tail to weave in.
  6. Change colors at the end of a row.
  7. Crochet a swatch before making a larger project.
  8. Check your work frequently
  9. Crochet Blanket Patterns Using Velvet Yarn

I have been trying a few stitch patterns using this luxurious and soft yarn. Initially, I did a few swatches with the various crochet stitches before starting the larger blanket patterns. It was helpful to determine the gauge and how the yarn would be to work with using a specific stitch pattern.

This Velvet Yarn Crochet Blanket uses alternating rows of single crochet and back loop double crochet.

A beautiful pattern that has lots of texture and bobbles is the Chunky Crochet Velvet Bobble Blanket. This project uses the half double crochet and bobble stitch.

This Crochet Velvet Warm Blanket is made with a classic v-stitch. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize as it features a repeat of row three. To make this blanket even more beginner friendly, there is no border. The edges of this pattern square up nicely and the fluffy and soft texture of this blanket take center stage.

Avoid Tangles When Using Velvet Yarn

This yarn tends to tangle easily when trying to pull the yarn from the center. Therefore, my recommendation is to start the outside yarn end and work toward the center.

After conducting a bit of research online I read one line from Yarnspirations that also suggested to work from the outside instead of pulling from the middle to reduce tangling of the yarn. 

Additionally, when I pulled quite a bit of yarn from the skein at a time, it would tangle up. Therefore, I just pulled out about 20 inches at a time.

Quick and Easy Scrunchie
Quick and Easy Scrunchie

Crochet Stitch Tension

When first working with the velvet yarn crocheting a blanket, I ended up pulling out a few rows of yarn a few times throughout my blanket. Once a loop pops free, it is extremely difficult to get it back into place even when I used a tapestry needle or a small crochet hook. You either must pull out the stitches and redo or accept how the stitches look and move on. However, once I understood that this yarn requires a good amount of tension, things went smoothly.

To achieve the tighter tension, you could just hold your yarn a bit tighter between your fingers. However, if you are not able to do that, sometimes going down a hook size or even two can help create a tighter crochet stitch.

This will help reduce the chance of any slippery velvet yarn working its way loose.

Crochet Stitches that Work with Velvet Yarn

In this blanket today, I used a single crochet stitch row that alternates with a back loop double crochet. When working the swatch, I found it was imperative that I have the row of single crochet because it held the double crochet stitch row tighter.

Other stitches that work well with this yarn are the half double crochet or the herringbone half double crochet. They are both stitches that have a closer and tighter stitch, which holds this yarn in place nicely.

Currently, I am working on a crochet pattern that has alternating rows of front post double crochet and back post double crochet with a row of single crochet between. It is just beautiful. An Alpine stitch would look lovely with this yarn too.

Make Sure that you are Putting the Crochet Hook Through the Correct Stitches

Since this is a fuzzy yarn, it can be a bit tricky seeing exactly where to put your hook. This is another good reason to find crochet stitches that work with the yarn. If you do not insert your hook correctly, it could cause a stitch to be too loose later. This is one yarn that I feel it is important to have good lighting so you can see your stitches.

Weaving in Yarn Tails with Velvet Yarn

Since this velvet yarn is a bit slippery, I like to have a quite long yarn tail to weave in about 12-16 inches. Make sure that the yarn is weaved back and forth enough to be snug.

Another option is to join the yarn using a knot that will not pull out. I tried that when changing one of the skeins of yarn and it held nicely. Just to be save, I left tails on the yarn and weaved that in too. Here is a tutorial on how to make the knot.

Comfy Soft Velvet Blankets
Comfy Soft Velvet Blankets

Changing Color with Velvet Yarn

Since it is recommended to have long tails to weave in and a knot joining the yarn, it is a good idea to change color or add a new skein on yarn on the end of a row. If you are adding a crochet border the added bulk can be covered up and help hold the yarn tails in place. Changing colors in the middle or a row might result in yarn ends coming loose and poking out.

Crocheting a Practice Swatch

While this is often recommended with crochet patterns, it is an especially good idea to do one if this is the first crochet project using velvet yarn. Since it is a bit tricky to get used to, this give you a chance to make sure that your tension and stitches are working in tandem to get the best-looking results.

Check Your Work Frequently

It is best to take a moment and carefully review your work every few rows. That way, if you see a stitch that has worked its way out, you can rip out the stitches, correct your tension and redo them. I find it is much easier to redo a few rows that something I have been working on a few weeks. If I was near the end of a project and saw a stitch worked out, I might just want to throw the project away. So, I check my work often.

How to Care for Velvet Yarn?

Since this yarn seems to have a life of its own with the movement of the slippery stitches, it is best to hand wash and lay flat anything made with this yarn. It is better to not realign the stitches from the washing machine even though the yarn wrapper says that this is machine washable.

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I hope that you liked this pattern. If you are looking for more ideas for crocheted projects, here are a few others you may enjoy.

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Sherry Cashion

Sunday 27th of March 2022

First, let me say Thank You for this post. I have always wanted to make something with velvet yarn and these blankets look so soft and comfy. However, there were several places in the post where the paragraph simply ended mid-sentence. Or began in the middle of a sentence. It was very difficult to follow the train of thought when a reference to a pattern wasn't available to see.


Monday 28th of March 2022

Hi Sherry, Thank you so much for letting me know. Something was goofy with this blog post. I believe I have fixed the areas where things were missing. I hope you do give velvet yarn a try. There are a few velvet yarn patterns on the website available in full for free. Vicky

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