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These Super Bowl Appetizers are perfect for game day. They’re easy to make, and they’re sure to please a crowd. Did you know that the Super Bowl is the second biggest eating day of the year in America, after Thanksgiving? That’s a lot of food! If you’re hosting a party to watch the game, you’ll …

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These homemade corn fritters are made with just the right balance of flavors, plus they’re so simple to put together. In only 15 minutes you can enjoy this healthy appetizer that will leave your mouth watering for more. Quick and easy corn fritters are made with just a few ingredients and come together for a …

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5 Minute Microwave Recipe
I have made these marshmallows many times. When you are in a hurry and realize that you are the treat mom for the meeting…this is my go-to! It takes 5 minutes or less and you are out the door. When my daughter was young, I kept the ingredients on hand at all times. So many times, I am so glad I did. Of course, there was never any left and they were always requested.

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