Weekend Comfort Cowl Pattern

Crochet this snuggly cowl in a weekend. This is a cowl that can be completed quickly with lovely results. The cowl is really a cross between a cowl and a shawlette pattern. Weekends just call for easy fashion and this weekend comfort cowl will create a statement with ease.

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Weekend Comfort Cowl Pattern Printable

Weekend Fashion

This cowl is a bit longer and wider than I normally make for a cowl. However, this allows for greater style flexibility. Treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation. Great addition to any woman’s fall wardrobe. Here are four different ways to wear this beautiful weekend comfort cowl.

Weekend Comfort Cowl Front View

Weekend Comfort Cowl Side View

Weekend Comfort Cowl Alternative View

Weekend Comfort Cowl Front View 1

Here is a back view of the weekend comfort cowl. This really gives it the shawlette look. Wear this like this with a pretty pin in the front or on the shoulder to hold the garment in place.

Back View Weekend Comfort Cowl

Directions: Weekend Comfort Cowl Crochet Pattern

Easy to Follow Pattern

This pattern is easy to follow as it consists of repeating row three until the desired length and joining at the end. Great crochet pattern for a beginner.


24 inches wide X 48 inches long before joining.


Red Heart Burgundy yarn. I used approximately ¾ of a jumbo skein of yarn.

Size N Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle



CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
SK = Skip

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SP = Space
ST = Stitch


Chain 124

Row 1: in the 4th CH from the hook, complete a DC. [CH 2, SK 2 ST, DC in next]. Repeat between [] until the end. DC in the last ST and turn.

Row 2: DC, [CH 2, insert hook into previous CH 2 SP, DC]. Repeat between [] until the end. DC in the last ST turn.

Rows 3 on: Repeat row 2 until the desired length. The one in the picture is 48 inches long.

Joining: Align the ends of the cowl so that they are flat and aligned with each other. (Make sure not to twist the cowl when aligning the ends). Using a yarn needle, weave the yarn back and forth through the Stitches of each side until the cowl is joined. Once complete, weave in the ends; cut off the excess yarn.

Enjoy wearing or gifting your weekend comfort cowl.

Weekend Comfort Cowl Pattern Printable

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