Chunky Crochet Placemat

Handmade gifts throughout the Holidays are my favorite gift to get and give. These placemats are not only pretty, but they are a useful gift. I love making quick and easy crochet patterns. Add a DIY pop of color to your home with this chunky crochet placemat. A coordinated set – placemats and coasters go together nicely. Here is a crochet pattern for Chunky Christmas Ornament Coasters. They are so quick to make. The complete set can be made in just a few hours or less.

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Placemat and Coasters


Chunky Yarn

I used chunky yarn for this project because it makes very quick work out of the crochet pattern. Using a thinner yarn or a smaller hook will mean more rows or a smaller placemat. I find this chunky yarn easier to work with than thin yarn.  I also like the smooth look of this particular Lion Brand Homespun USA chunky yarn.

Chunky Crochet Placement and Ornament Printable

Chunky Crochet Placemat Pattern




Boye Crochet Hook Size N
Yarn Needle
Stitch Marker

Lion Brand Hometown USA Cincinnati Red (partial skein)


CH = chain

DC = Double Crochet

SC = Single Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch
ST = Stitch


Begin with a magic circle. Here is another post with complete directions on how to make a magic circle.

Round 1: CH 3, this counts as the first DC in the magic circle. 11 DC in the magic circle. SL ST to join into first CH. (12 DC). Pull the yarn tail from the magic circle to tighten and close the circle in the magic circle.

Round 2: CH 3, 1 DC in same ST. 2 DC in each ST around, SL ST to join (24 DC).

Round 3: CH 3, 2 DC in next ST, *DC, 2 DC, repeat from * around, SL ST to join (36 DC).

Round 4: CH 3, 1 DC in next ST, *DC, DC, 2 DC, repeat from * around, SL ST to join (48 DC).

Round 5: CH 3, 1 DC, 1 DC, 2 DC, *DC, DC, DC, 2DC, repeat from * around, SL ST to join (60 DC).

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Round 6-7: CH 3, Dc in each ST around, SL ST to join (60 DC).

Finishing: Fasten off Cincinnati Red by pulling the yarn through the last ST. Using the yarn needle, weave in the ends and cut off the excess yarn.

The picture below shows the set together.

Chunky Crochet Placemat and Ornament Coaster

Use the links below to the coaster pattern.

I made 2 Chunky Christmas Ornament Coasters because I had that much left-over yarn.  I made these chunky placemats first. Each skein of Cincinnati Red made one chunky placemat and two Chunky Christmas Ornament Coasters.

Chunky Crochet Placement and Ornament Printable


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