Master the Magic Circle

Master the Magic Circle

I seem to continually forget how to do the magic circle. While I have watched videos on how to complete the magic circle, I have to find videos again each time. Then I end up watching countless videos until I get a good one that I can understand. All I really need is a visual that will help me remember the steps involved in making the magic circle. Therefore, I decided to write up a step-by-step guide on how to master the magic circle. Since I think there are more people just like me, I hope that you save the URL to this page and reference it often when you need to get your next crochet project started by using the magic circle.

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Step-by-step instructions and pictures to help demystify the magic circle, which is often called a magic ring too.

Think Versus Thin Yarn – Consideration

This tutorial was done with a thick and chunky yarn to help show the process. However, you can also use a thin yarn to do the magic circle. If you use a really thin yarn, you may want to wrap the yarn around your finger a few times as this will keep the yarn from breaking when you pull on the yarn to close the circle later on.

Uses for the Magic Circle

Any crochet pattern that is worked in a circle would be a good choice for the magic circle. However, some crochet patterns choose to use a beginning chain 4 closed with a slip stitch to start the crochet process for a circle. I have used both methods and they work just fine. There are a few patterns that I have for free on the website that start with the magic circle. Please take a moment and look around. Here are links to a few though.

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Directions on How to Master the Magic Circle

Step 1:

Make a loop (circle) with the yarn.

Step 1 magic Loop

Step 2:

Put the crochet hook through the loop (circle) and pick up the yarn pulling through the loop from the back to the front.

Step 2 magic loop

Step 2 continued Magic Loop

Step 3:

Insert the hook through the circle, yarn over and draw through. There should be two loops on the hook, as in the diagram below. Draw the loop that was just picked up through the first loop on the hook. You have created a chain one. However, this does not count as a chain one for your project.

Step 3 magic circleStep 3 continued drawing loop through circleStep 3 continued drawing loop through loop on hook


Now you are set to continue to single crochet inside the circle.

It might sound funny. Until you get used to it, this will probably be the hardest part of the magic circle.

Magic Circle Tutorial

Step 4:

Insert the hook through the circle, yarn over, and pull through the loop on the hook. You will have two loops on the hook.

The first picture shows the hook being inserted into the circle. The second picture shows putting the yarn over the hook. The last picture shows the completed first single crochet.

Recap: Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook for the first single crochet.

single crochet in magic circle drawing up loopPulling yarn over through magic circlesingle crochet in magic circle

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Step 5:

Now, you can continue to add the number of crochet stitches as directed by your pattern instructions to the magic circle.

The pictures that follow show multiple single crochet stitches in the magic circle.

two single crochet in magic circlesingle crochet stitches in magic circle

Step 6:

Complete the required number of single crochet stitches in the magic ring according to the pattern. Close the circle with a slip stitch. To complete the slip stitch, insert the hook into the first single crochet, yarn over and pull through that first single crochet and the loop on the hook.

slip stitch closing magic circle

Step 7:

Almost done!

At the end of the round of single crochet stitches, pull the short yarn piece to gather the circle closed. In the photo, you can see how small the center hole is after pulling on the yarn.

Magic Circle Completed

The magic circle is complete. Continue with pattern.

Note: this tutorial is shown with the single crochet stitch. Once the magic circle is started, you can complete the stitches with a half double crochet, double crochet, and so on…whatever the crochet pattern calls for.


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Magic Circle Tutorial

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  1. Your way is easier than what I have been using! My only question is how to cope with such a short end….not enough to weave in. Doesn’t it come loose?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I am so glad that you find this method useful. I am all about easy. Once I pull the magic circle closed, since I did the crochet over the tail, it is nicely secured for me. I have not had it come out yet. However, if you would feel more comfortable having a longer tail that would be woven in, that would be a good idea too. Have a wonderful time making your next project.

  2. Thank you! I was looking for some visual I could save for an offline reference. I have to look up a video Every. Single. Time. I don’t know why my mind refuses to remember how to do this! Magic ring dyslexia, I think.

    This is perfect! I only wish your tutorial was available for a pdf download. Thank you!

    1. I appreciate your feedback. I too like to have a paper copy that I can reference as needed. Based on your feedback, I have made this available as a PDF download through Etsy. I added two links in the blog post to the PDF. Enjoy making something beautiful.

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