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Crochet Face Scrubbie

Create a SPA day at home with this crochet face scrubbie pattern. So cute and quick to make.

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Reuse and Save

It is wonderful when you can crochet something that can be reused. Save not only money, but the planet by making your own face scrubbie. They are cute and just the right size to give your face a quick wash.

Sometimes, when using a washcloth on my face, it just seems too big. The ends of it get on my hair and clothing. If I am trying to wash quickly before going out, this is not a good thing. These face scrubbies are just the perfect size to get the job done.

Pink Face Scrubbie

Quick Face Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern works up so quickly and it uses a scant amount of yarn. I use cotton yarn for this pattern as it holds up the best, soaks up the water just right, and washes up nicely for future use. The pattern is a total of a magic ring and three rounds. Once you get the hand of it, you are off to the races.

Red Face Scrubbie

Great Gift Options

Here are a few photos of some granny square washcloths and face srubbies that I have assembled as gifts for my friends and family. Now, I am not the best at wrapping presents…my whole family laughs at my attempts. So, for me, these cute little wrapped SPA sets are over the top.

Crochet SPA Set-Granny Square Washcloth-Face Scrubbie Pattern

Granny Square Washcloth Crochet Pattern

This washcloth shown in this SPA set also has a full pattern and video tutorial for you. That crochet pattern can be found here.

How to Present the SPA Set

This one here, I folded the washcloth in half and in half again to form a square. I added the face scrubbie to the top. Then found a pretty button to put on top.

Using a left over piece of the yarn and a yarn needle, I threaded the yarn through the button, down through the face scrubbie and wash cloth and back up again. Securing the yarn with a little bow.

This has been done in a few colors to give you some inspiration on color combinations you may enjoy.

Pink and Red SPA Set

Purple and Pink SPA set
Holiday and green SPA set

Making the Face Scrubbie Package

Here is a really cute way to present the SPA set for gift giving. The steps are outlined in photos below.

Videos of Crochet Face Scrubbie After the Written Directions

Directions: Crochet Face Scrubbie




Boy crochet hook size G
Yarn Needle
Stitch Marker


About 1/3 skein of any cotton yarn. I used Sugar & Creme left over yarn from previous projects.


CH = Chain
HDC = Half Double Crochet
SC = Single Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch
ST = Stitch
YO = Yarn Over

Cluster Stitch:

YO, insert hook, YO pull through. Keeping the loops on the hook – YO, insert hook, YO,pull through. Finally, YO and pull through all 5 loops on hook.


Begin with a magic circle. Here is another post with complete directions on how to make a magic circle

Round 1: CH 1 (this does not count as anything), complete 12 HDC in the magic circle. SL ST to join into top two loops of the first HDC. (12 HDC). Pull the yarn tail from the magic circle to tighten and close the circle in the magic circle. 

Round 2: CH 1 (this does not count as anything), Cluster Stitch. in the same ST. CH 1. [Cluster Stitch, CH 1, Cluster Stitch, CH 1] in each CH ST around. Ending with a Cluster Stitch in the beginning CH. SL ST to join into the top two loops of the first Cluster Stitch.

Round 3: CH 1(this does not count as anything), 1 HDC in same ST. Cluster ST, CH 1 in next CH 1 SP. [HDC in top two loops of Cluster Stitch, CH 1, HDC in CH 1 SP]. Continue around. Ending with Cluster Stitch, CH 1, SL ST into the top two loops of the first HDC. Pull the yarn through the last loop on the hook.

Finishing: Cut off yarn leaving about 10 inches of excess yarn. Using the yarn needle weave in the ends. Cut off the excess yarn.

Right Hand Video of Face Scrubbie Pattern

Left Hand Video of Face Scrubbie Pattern

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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