Colorful Crochet Easter Eggs

Crochet Egg DIY Project

These colorful crochet Easter eggs are a great DIY project to make by yourself or with your children. This is a great project for a person just starting out crocheting. I made my first crochet egg when I was about ten years old. Once you make them you can reuse them year after year. They look so pretty on display.

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Here are the general directions

The reason I say general is because you might have a different size egg, your yarn might be thicker or thinner and that will make a difference in how many chains you need to do. Either way, you will get the hang of it. I made this craft project out of two different types of Red Heart yarn. They both turned out pretty.  I have pictures of the final project later on in this post.

Here are the supplies that I used, yarn, plastic egg, scissors, glue stick, and hot glue gun. That is it.  Very inexpensive decoration to make for your house.

Supplies for project
Crochet Easter egg supplies
Easter egg supplies
Egg, yarn, and hook

You can see the few simple items needed

I used the following two colors to make my eggs today.

RED HEART Super Saver Yarn, Bright Mix

Red Heart With Love Metallic Yarn, Fruity

The Bright Mix is the blue, pink, purple, and green and is a bit more springy looking. The Fruity Print has sparkles throughout and that works too.  Really, any color that works with your taste will work on this project.

Length of Chain

Start by making a chain. For the Bright Mix, I needed approximately 290 chains, for the Hearty Fruit print, I needed about 250 chains. So, depending on the hook size you use (I used a Boye size J hook ) and your type of yarn that you desire, your chain count may be more or less.

Flat Side or Raised Side of Chain

Another choice that you can make is if you want to use the flat side or the raised back side of the chain on your egg. Take a look at the two pictures below. The one on the left shows the raised back side of the crochet chain and the one on the right shows the slat side. I will show an example of both on the finished egg to help you make your decision.

crochet chain
Crochet Chain flat side
crochet chain back side
Back side of crochet chain

Depending on the look you desire for the finished product, choose either way to glue down to the plastic egg. If you look closely at the picture below, you may notice the raised on the left and the flat side on the right.

crochet egg
Flat versus Raised crochet chain

After you have made your chain. (hint: I made a 300 stitch chain so it was long enough if needed, when I got to the end, it is easy to pull the stitches out until the desired length is achieved to coil around the end of the egg).

Crochet Easter Egg
Coiling crochet chain on egg

Time to Hot Glue

Once you have your chain, you are ready to start hot gluing onto your egg. I like to start at the fatter bottom side and end at the smaller top of the egg. I think you could start at either end. That is just my preference. Put about a dime size of hot glue on the end and make a very small coil of the crochet chain on the end (make sure that you have cut the tail off the end of the first stitch – leave a tiny bit of the tail on though as you can hot glue it down and it will help cover the end).

Continue putting a line of hot glue and winding the crochet chain around the egg until you reach the other end. Coil around and hot glue in place and snip off any excess tail. Making sure to put a dab of hot glue on any part of the tail to adhere to the egg.

Display Ideas for you Colorful Crochet Easter Eggs

Crochet Easter Egg
Crochet Easter Egg Display
crochet egg
Easter Egg Craft on display






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Crochet Egg
Crochet Easter Egg Display
Crochet Egg Decoration
Example of Crochet Egg display









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