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Crocheted Thick Hot Pad

When I completed my first crocheted thick hot pad, I was in love with this stitch. This hot pad is flexible, yet it is thick enough to protect your hands and counters from burns. Achieving this thick crochet stitch is easy to do with a little practice.

We will show you how to crochet your own thick hot pad. This project is perfect for those who are looking for a quick and easy way to add some extra protection to their kitchen surfaces. This crocheted hot pad is perfect. It’s thick and cushy, and can be made in a variety of colors to match your kitchen.

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Crocheted Thick Hot Pad
Crocheted Thick Hot Pad

Thermal Stitch Potholder Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for a thick and dense crochet stitch to make a thick crochet potholders then this is the pattern for you. Use the Thermal Single Crochet stitch, which is thick and is basically double the thickness of a normal single crochet. Therefore, it is perfect for crochet potholders or anything that needs that extra thickness.

Craft Sale Crochet Project

This crocheted thick hot pad is ideal for craft sales. I have often seen this and wanted to make one. However, it was hard to find one place that had good directions. Therefore, I looked at a few of them and was able to figure this out.

Thermal Stitch Thick Hot Pad
Thermal Stitch Thick Hot Pad

Crochet Photo and Video Tutorial Near Bottom of this Crochet Pattern

In an effort to help provide clear directions for you to make one yourself too. Some people can learn from the written directions along and others like me, need photos and a video sometimes. I have included a picture tutorial below along with a video showing the crochet stitches being done as well.

Easy Crochet Thick Hot Pad Thermal Stitch
Easy Crochet Thick Hot Pad Thermal Stitch

What is the Thermal Stitch Single Crochet

The Thermal Stitch Single Crochet uses the basic single crochet. However, because the single crochet stitch is worked in the back loop of two rows, the end result is a double layer of single crochet stitches.

After making the first hot pad, I started to do some research on the various types of stitches used for creating a thick hot pad. I noticed some people called this stitch the thermal stitch. This is a double thick no-burn hot pad.

The thermal stitch is worked in the back loops of the row that you are on and the previous row at the same time. This produces a stitch that is twice as thick as a normal single crochet.

Close up of Thermal Stitch
Close up of Thermal Stitch

Thick Crochet Stitch

While I used this stitch for my hot pads, it would be ideal for a washcloth or any other project where you wanted a bit thicker crochet stitch and stability. I could see this stitch used to make a clutch. HUM…might have to give that a try someday.

Directions: Crocheted Thick Hot Pad


Approximately 7 inches X 8 inches


1 skein approximately 100 yards of cotton yarn.

The photos show two that I made. I used Peaches & Crème Rosemary for one and Peaches & Crème Navy Blue

Crochet Hook Size G

Yarn Needle

Scissors (here is a beautiful pair)


CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

Crochet Thick Trivet
Thick Crochet Hot Pad

Crochet Pattern Directions:

CH 30

Row 1: SC in the back of the ST of the first loop on the 2nd foundational CH from the hook. Complete this process of SC in each CH across.

Row 2: CH 1. Put the crochet hook through the back of the ST of the first SC and the bottom loop of the foundation chain. (at the same time).  Yarn over and pull through the two first two loops on the hook and complete a SC with the last loop on the hook. Complete this process for each ST across. Make sure to go right to the end for nice even side seam as this last stitch is crucial in keeping the work square – you may want to count the stitches to make sure that you have completed 30 SC.

Row 3-25: Continue row 2.

You can make this hot pad larger or smaller by adjusting the number of chains in the foundational row or adding on rows to the work.

Final row: CH 1. Insert hook in both loops of the SC stitch, as well as, the back loop of the SC stitch on the row before. All at the same time. (3 loops and 1 loop on the hook.) Yarn over and pull through the three stitches, then complete the SC. Continue this in each SC through to the last ST. (If you want to add a hanging loop, do not fasten off at this point. If you do not want a hanging loop, go ahead and cut off the yarn leaving a 10-inch tail. Weave in ends and cut off the excess yarn).

Make the hanging loop: CH 8. Work a SC in the last SC. Cut off yarn leaving a 10-inch tail. Weave in ends and cut off the excess yarn.


As you continue to complete rows, you will notice that each row lays halfway across the previous row. This is the magic that makes this crochet stitch thick and thermal like.

As I mentioned earlier, make sure to pick up the last stitch in each row. Sometimes it can be small and tight and difficult to see. At times, I even have to pull the stitch out a bit to get it. If your hot pad is not squaring up, it could be that you are not picking up the last stitch. Count the SC if you need to as this can help make sure that you are getting all the stitches.

Photo Tutorial of the Crocheted Thick Hot Pad

Foundational Chain

Row 2 of crocheted thick hot pad

Row 2 a of crocheted thick hot pad

Detail of Rows

Final Row

Crocheted Thick Hot Pad Video Tutorial

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Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Awesome pattern. This is a very simple pattern to follow, but the third row, for me was very, very slow going. After that it became a breeze to crochet. I love the texture of the hot pad. Thank you for sharing.


Thursday 7th of May 2020

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I just love my hot pads and plan on making a few more soon. I have some old cloth ones that are getting tattered. So glad that you liked this pattern. I think they would make great gifts too.

Delores Scarcella

Wednesday 6th of May 2020

I believe this is a pattern I was looking for for thick hot pad. Thank you I would look for sure pattern now and make sure this is the one I was looking for that has a closely-knit has our cozy crochet pattern on both sides. I need to ask another questions, wood the bulkey yarn work for this pattern ?


Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Thank you so much for letting me know. I love my hot pads and I need to make more. As far as using bulky yarn, I think the end result would be quite thick...more like a trivet. It might also be hard to crochet this stitch with. For sure, I would try a small swatch and use a larger crochet hook. Let us know how it goes.

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