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Heart Garland Valentine Day Craft

This is a great project to do with your children or a classroom of students. It is a fun way to create a heart garland using just a heart garland paper punch and a variety of printed craft paper. Such an economical way to have fun.

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heart garland 3

DIY Paper Craft Decorations

I had the pleasure of being shown how to make this heart garland by a person at work. She brought in the supplies and within minutes, she had the place looking so cute with just a few little touches. It is so easy to make this garland and you don’t have to go and buy it each year. Be creative and use both printed and colored paper to create a unique look. Use it for a backdrop for pictures. This would be great for a wedding or decorating your office or home. Let children decorate their rooms in the colors that they enjoy.

How to Make the Heart Garland

This is the cutter that makes all the magic possible. It can be used over and over. The cutter automatically cut a small hole on one side of the heart and an extended piece on the other side of the heart. This makes it possible for the hearts to easily hook together and stay hooked together. Martha Stewart Crafts 42-39010 Heart Garland Paper Punch, Punches 2.25 x 1.5-Inch Shape

heart garland paper punch
  • Simply punch paper, fit the tab of one pennant cutout into the notch of another and repeat
  • Create a beautiful paper party garland

Use a Variety of Paper

Here are a variety of pretty paper choices that will look great for making the heart garland.

Valentine craft paper
Valentine craft paper 1
Valentine craft paper 2

Joining the Heart Garland

If you look above at the cutter, on one side is a tab and the other side has a cut out. I hope you can see from the picture below how this fits together. It really does a nice job of holding the heart garland together.

Joining heart garland

The picture below shows the heart garland strung in an office.

Heart Garland Picture

I hope this has inspired you to make your own heart garland. It is really an easy DIY craft project.

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Here are two more views of the heart garland.

heart garland 3
heart garland 4

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.