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Make Your Own DIY Paper Snack Bags Easy and Quick

Learn how easy it is to make your own DIY paper snack bags. These are adorable and they can be made with all kinds of craft paper. They are such a cute way to store just about anything snackable. They are especially great for popcorn, pretzels, potato chips, French fries, even cookies.

Here is a fun paper craft for the whole family to do. Recently, we made a lot of bags for a baby shower. We put the cones in the wire holders in the middle of the tables and the cookies on plates. Very fun. Just a bit of time for preparing for a beautiful day.

How to Make DIY Paper Snack Bags

There’s something that kids love about having their food in individual packages that they can pick up and hold with their little fingers. Serve snacks in these cute bags or let your guest fill their own pouch with their snacks. Adults seem to like their finger food snack pouch too. It is a great way to serve your finger foods in an eco friendly snack bag.

DIY Paper Pouch

This is a really simple and easy project that anyone can do, and it only takes a few minutes. It’s easy to turn Your Backyard Cookout Party into a Classic Drive-In with Red & White Checkered Food Wrapping Papers. 

These wrapping papers help keep any grease from leaching through the paper. It is nice to package the food individually for guests too.

This goodie bag does not require any stickers or a glue stick to hold it in place. Rather than a flat bottom, this goodie bag has a pointed bottom.

Cookie Wrapper

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How to Make DIY Paper Snack Bags

It is a simple process and in just 6 steps, your treat bags are ready for use.

I used 12 X 12-inch sheets of red and white checkered deli paper. It is paper that has a wax coating on it. Make this in different sizes. You could certainly use a smaller 10 X 10-inch sheet of paper or a larger square of paper.

Food Wrapping Paper

Wire Cones

These food wrapper papers are the same thing that restaurants use for wrapping around hamburgers, hot dogs, and other sandwiches to keep all the ingredients in for less mess while enjoying the food. It is an economical way to package food.

If you prefer, you can cut your desired square out of brown paper bags. Use lots of colors for a pretty presentation.

Next, follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to fold your snack bags.

Step 1.

Fold a square of paper in half and open the paper back up.

Step 1 of Paper Pouch

Step 2.

Fold opposite corners in aligning the edges with the fold line.

Step 2 Folding Pouch

Step 3.

Fold in half along the crease line.

Step 4.

Fold the bottom right corner to the middle with the end pointing up.

Steps 3 and 4 of Eco Friendly Pouch

Step 5.

Next fold the bottom left corner to the middle with the end point up. Refer to the photo for placement.

Fifth Step in Paper Container

Step 6.

Lastly, tuck the flaps inside the first layer of paper.

Last Step in Making Paper Pouch

The final result should be a triangular shaped paper snack bag.

Paper Crafts Cookie Pouch

Folded Paper Pouch for Snacks and Treats

Perfect for summer parties, Christmas parties, bridal showers, baby showers, game day snacks, and birthday parties. Create these cute snack and cookie bags using various colors of papers to fit with your theme.

I have placed cookies in these pouches. Insert them into an upright snack holder and they are perfect for placing a paper bag in each one. I have used this to hold French fries, bread sticks, and other finger food for parties.

Paper Cone holding snacks

Video on How to Make Sack Pouch

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.