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How to Crochet the Blanket Stitch

The crochet blanket stitch is easy to learn, works up quickly, and looks great on just about anything, but especially crochet blankets. This easy stitch uses the single crochet and double crochet stitches to create a puffy cluster of stitches. It makes for an amazing blanket. Now I know why this stitch pattern has this name.

It’s a great pattern to use when you want to relax and watch a movie because it’s repetitive and easy to do without paying much attention. 

A few years ago, I made a crochet baby blanket in pastel colors using this blanket stitch. It is perfect for a baby shower gift. However, then I was not aware that there was a name for the stitch pattern. Just recently, I found out that the name for this stitch pattern is the blanket stitch.

Handmade crochet throw patterns make a great gift. This can be made in the solid color or multiple color combinations. The texture really has a great feel and look to it.

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Easy Blanket Stitch in Pastel Colors

Easy Crochet Stitch

This is a great “go-to” stitch for so many different projects that you could make.  It is one of my favorite stitches. Not only does the blanket stitch work great for blankets, but because it creates a dense fabric, it would also be great for scarves, hats, or wash cloths.  

This free pattern uses a stitch multiple of one single crochet and two double crochet stitches. Starting with the second row, the crochet stitch pattern is repeated throughout the blanket.

Simple Textured Crochet Stitch

Great Pattern for Various Yarn Weights

An eye-catching crochet stitch for a wide variety of yarns. I’ve seen the blanket stitch used quite a bit for blankets with worsted yarn, but this will work with chunky yarns too. Just change the hook size. It works up quickly with lovely results.

Once you learn this stitch, you can easily customize a blanket in any size that you want by starting with a longer or shorter foundation chain. In this tutorial, I will show you how to crochet the blanket stitch.

How to Crochet the Blanket Stitch

Directions: How to Crochet the Blanket Stitch

Skill Level



Depends on the yarn and crochet hook used.


CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

SC = Single Crochet

SK = Skip

SL ST = Slip Stitch

ST = Stitch

STs = Stitches

[ ] = Repeat Between

Pattern Notes

The width of the blanket can be changed using multiples of 3. Example Multiples of 3 X 4 Chain Stitches = 12 Initial Chain Stitches to start crochet project.

The initial chain 2 at the beginning of each row will count as a double crochet.

Turn at the end of each row.

There is an alternative to row 2: Rather than start the row with CH 2 and 2 DC, you can start the row with CH 1 and 2 SC

Sample Directions

I started with 15 chain stitches. (Use multiples of three stitches)

Row 1

2 DC in the 3rd CH from the hook, [SK 2 CH, in the next CH, SC and 2 DC]. Repeat from [ ] across until the last 3 CH. SK 2 STs and end with SC in last ST. Turn.

Row 2

CH 2, 2DC in Same ST. [SK 2 DC, in the next ST Work SC and 2 DC in SC in ST]. Repeat until the last 3 STs, end with a SC in the last ST. Turn

Rows 3 and Beyond

Repeat Row 2.

Here are the photos to help with understanding these easy crochet stitches.

First Row

Work 2 double crochet stitches in the third chain from the hook. (The two chain stitches skipped will count as a double crochet).

Blanket Stitch Row 1 Step 1

[Skip two chains. In the next chain stitch work one single crochet and two double crochet stitches].

Repeat between [ ] to the end of the row.

When there are three chains remaining, skip two of them, and place one single crochet in the very last chain stitch.

Repeating Stitch Row 1 Complete

Second Row

Chain two. Work two double crochet stitches in the first stitch.

Beginning Row 2 Stitches

[Skip the next two stitches. In the next stitch (the single crochet from the previous row), work a single crochet and two double crochet stitches].

Repeat between [ ] to the end of row.

At the end, skip the last two stitches and place one single crochet in the top chain of the last double crochet.

Blanket Stitch Sample

Row Three and Beyond.

Continue to repeat row 2 throughout your pattern.

I hope you enjoy this simple stitch and use it to make something using this stitch pattern too.

YouTube Video Tutorial on How to Crochet the Blanket Stitch

Left Hand Crochet Tutorial

Right Hand Crochet Tutorial

Here are other free crochet blanket patterns you might enjoy making.

Ocean Paradise

Latte Delight Crochet Blanket

Timeless Lacy Shell Crochet Blanket

Another lovely stitch pattern for a beginner is the Moss stitch.

Here are a few baby blankets using this stitch.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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