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Heartland Crochet Triangle Shawl Free Pattern

This heartland Crochet triangle shawl crochet pattern is easy and perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. Make this using a thread yarn cake with solid colors or gradient to showcase different colors.

Using just one skein of yarn means there are only two ends to weave in. let the beautify of the yarn shine through using basic stitches.

Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting your journey into the world of yarn, this shawl pattern is accessible and rewarding for crafters of all skill levels.

The best thing is that this free pattern is a one repeat row. So you can just enjoy your simple pattern and relax.

If You Love Easy Patterns, You Will Love This Simple and Modern Granny Shawl!

Embrace Cozy Elegance with the your first triangle shawl. Welcome to the world of crochet, where the rhythmic interplay of yarn and hook transforms simple strands into magnificent creations.

This delightful accessory is a great way to keep you cozy on chilly days and add a touch of elegance to any outfit, be it casual or formal. There are so many different ways you can style this fashion piece.

What you get with this beautiful shawl with a triangle shape.

You will find all the directions for this triangular shawl along with a photo to help see how to work the crochet stitches. Lastly, near the bottom of the blog post, you will find a video tutorial for both left and right hand crocheters. Grab your crochet hook, find a cozy corner, and get ready to crochet.

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Heartland Crochet Triangle Shawl
Heartland Crochet Triangle Shawl

How to Crochet the Granny Stitch

The granny stitch is a classic crochet stitch that is widely used and loved by both beginners and experienced crocheters alike.

It is easy to achieve and is often the first type of stitch that a new beginner at crochet learns. It is made up of a combination of double crochet and chain stitches.

Named after its popularity among grandmothers, the granny stitch is known for its simplicity, versatility, and its ability to create beautiful, textured fabric.

When working the granny stitch, it is often worked in clusters of 3 double crochet stitches, followed by a chain stitch. Because of the repetitive nature of this stitch, it makes it perfect for a beginner at crochet.

Stylish and Easy Shawl
Stylish and Easy Shawl

The granny stitch is essentially a cluster of double crochet stitches worked together in a specific pattern. Traditionally, it consists of three double crochet stitches separated by chain spaces.

This creates a mesh-like fabric with openwork spaces that give the stitch its distinctive look.

Creating the “granny square” motif, which can be repeated to form larger projects such as blankets, scarves, or shawls.

Triangle Crochet Shawl

This shawl is worked from the bottom up with the triangle growing in size with each row. The width of this pattern ends up being double what the length is. It makes for a lovely, light cover up. This could be worn as a sarong on the beach or as a swimsuit cover up.

Granny Stitch Cover Up showing the back side
Granny Stitch Cover Up

Make a Lightweight Shawl Today

It is light enough to wrap over your shoulders to take the chill off or wear on a hot summer day as a gorgeous accessory. Make this in white and it could be a very pretty shawl for a bride to wear.

This crochet pattern is an easy one to master with the repeating stitches throughout the rows. I love crochet patterns that do not require much counting, as this allows me to binge watch some movies with my family.

Flat Lay of Blue Shawl
Flat Lay of Blue Shawl

How to Crochet a Granny Shawl Triangle Motif

This is a straightforward crochet pattern, and it is easy to master. Often, I see a granny shawl triangle pattern starting from the top and working down. With this crochet pattern, you start at the bottom top and work up the shawl. Pairing this crochet stitch with the lovely fingering yarn makes this look and feel so modern. I really love the drape of this.

Close Up of Triangle Shawl
Close Up of Triangle Shawl

Color Changes Throughout the Pattern

I made two of these beautiful, lacy shawls and started both yarn cakes in the middle. When using the variegated yarn, keep in mind that as the crochet project grows the number of rows completed with each color reduces.  

Therefore, whichever colors you want to show more of in the shawl, that is the color you should start with. I could have started with the outside of the skein which would have more of the darker colors throughout the shawl with the lighter shades being the accent colors.

As you can see, I started in the middle of the skein of yarn and the lighter colors make up more of the rows than the darker colors.

Crochet Triangle Shawl with the Edge Turned Over Into a Collar

Crochet Triangle Shawl with the Edge Turned Over Into a Collar

Video of Crochet Pattern

Below the written pattern, you will find a link for a video showing the first few rows being worked.

Make This Quick Crochet Shawl Today

This shawl is easy to make, follows a simple stitch repeat and works up with minimal ends to weave in, so you have more time to make even more patterns!

Lavender Triangle Shawl Styled as a Scarf

Lavender Triangle Shawl Styled as a Scarf

Directions: Heartland Crochet Triangle Shawl

Skill Level

Beginner-friendly crochet pattern


From the tip to the middle this shawl is 42 inches long. The width ended up being double the length at 84 inches.


While gauge is not critical to this pattern, I had 25 stitches to 4-inches.


Blue Shawl: 1 Skein of Hobbi Cotton Kings Twirls Color number 19. This skein had 874 yards. If you are not able to find this yarn locally, you can purchase it here on Hobbii.

Lavender Shawl: 1 Skein of Hobbi Azalea Color Number 08. This skein had 875 yards. If you are not able to find this yarn locally, you can purchase it here on Hobbii.

Sometimes the yarn colors are sold out, if that is the case, these are some other great yarn color choices.

When using thread yarn, the result is a lightweight shawl. However, this can be made in different yarn weights from fingering weight yarn to worsted yarn. Note, it will change the size of the shawl and the texture, drape, and feel.

Crochet Hook Size H 5.0 mm


Yarn Needle

One End Over the Shoulder Style
One End Over the Shoulder Style


CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

SK = Skip

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

STs = Stitches

Pattern Notes

While I used one skein of Ombre yarn. It is nice to have just two ends to weave in. However, you can use various yarn colors for a truly unique shawl.

I used a slightly larger hook size from what the package directions recommend for a lacy scarf.

Turn your work after each row.

The chain 3 at the beginning of each row counts as a double crochet.

You will always start with the CH 3, 2 DC in the same ST and end with 3 DC in the last ST. Until you work the border.

Due to the simplicity of this pattern, I did not include the row stitch count beyond the beginning few rows.

This pattern is written in U.S. Terms.

Photos of the First Six Rows of the Crochet Triangle Shawl
Photos of the First Six Rows of the Crochet Triangle Shawl

Crochet Pattern Directions:


CH 4

Row 1: 

SK 3 DC (Counts as DC) and insert the hook into the fourth CH from the hook and complete 3 DC. Turn (4 DC)

This completes row 1.

Row 2: 

CH 3 (Counts as DC) 2 DC in the same ST. CH 1, 3 DC in the top ST of the last DC of the first row. Turn (2, 3 DC clusters and 1 Chain Space)

That is all there is to it for row 2.

Row 3 and beyond: 

CH 3 (Counts as DC) 2 DC in the same ST. CH 1, SK to the first CH 1 SP and work 3 DC in the previous CH 1 SP. CH 1, SK to the las DC and work 3 DC in the last DC of the previous row. Turn (3, 3 DC clusters and 2 CH Spaces).

Continue working the pattern repeat for row 3. As the shawl continues to grow in size with each row. In the row repeat, you will continue to add more 3 DC clusters in the CH 1 SP in the rows below due to the additional stitches on the ends of the rows.

With the 874 yards of yarn that I used, I was able to get 70 rows completed.

Once you work this up, you will see just how amazing this simple crochet pattern is and how this drapes beautifully with elegance

Triangle Scarf is Another Great Crochet Pattern for a Beginner

Working this Crochet Triangle Shawl Pattern with a worsted yarn can be done. The results will be a larger shawl if you used the same number of yards.

In another pattern, I used this same stitch pattern and used less yarn, 388 yards. I was able to make a nice size scarf with fringe.

Video of the Heartland Crochet Triangle Shawl

Find links for both the left and right hand crocheter.

Left Hand Crochet Tutorial

Right Hand Crochet Tutorial

There are also a number of crochet tutorials for you.

If you loved this post, please share. It helps to show me that these types of posts are helpful – thank you!

I hope that you liked this pattern. If you are looking for more ideas for crocheted projects, here are a few other free crochet shawl patterns you may enjoy.

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