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Half Square Triangle Solid Granny Square

Crochet lovers, have I got a new pattern for you called the Half Square Triangle Solid Granny Square. It’s perfect for experienced crocheters who want to add some unique color patterns to their projects.

I am a big fan of granny squares, and this pattern is a great way to use up scraps of yarn. This pattern is a twist on the solid classic granny, yet the basic method is easy to follow, and it turns out a beautiful square.

This is a fun and easy pattern that can be used to make a variety of things. You will need basic knowledge of basic crochet stitches, including single crochet, chain stitch, and double crochet.

I have used this method on the solid square version of the traditional granny. You can change this block size by adding or decreasing rounds. It is easy to make a number of squares or continue adding rounds and making a larger square.

This is perfect for so many new projects, blankets, handbags, towels, and washcloths. Currently, I am working on a blanket using fall colors and this half granny square pattern. I will be sharing that with you soon!

Half Square Triangle Solid Granny Square Pattern

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What is a Half Square Triangle in crochet?

The half square triangle is a quilting term that refers to quilt blocks made up of half square triangles. Essentially, it is squares made up of two triangles.  Each triangle occupies half of the square’s space.

For It is a two-tone granny square where the yarn colors are changes to form a square made from two triangular tiles of color. It is a simple square made up of two triangles.

Seamless Two-Toned Granny

Previously, I worked on figuring out a no seam solid granny square. This past year, I have expanded my sewing skills to include quilting skills. One of the more popular quilting squares is the half square triangle.

I had a goal of creating a crochet blanket to look like a quilted blanket. This pattern is starting to come together, and I will be sharing that with you when it is complete, and the directions are written. In the meantime, I had to work out how to crochet a seamless two-toned granny square.

Crochet a Half Square Granny for Beginners

In my search to create a clean looking half square granny, all I could find for half square triangle methods are squares that had seams on the side for each round. For changing yarn colors, the crochet patterns either carried the yarn through the stitches or had you cutting and weaving in the yarn for each round.

When carrying the yarn through, you can see the yarn through the stitches. It’s okay, but not ideal. However, cutting the yarn after each yarn color change was a lot of work and weaving in the yarn ends. Too much work.

Finally, a eureka moment!

A few years ago, I was trying to carry the yarn up the side of a pastel crochet blanket where I changed yarn colors. I was in a hotel room with my daughter, and I spent hours trying to figure out how make it work. Finally, my daughter said, why don’t you crochet over to the yarn color. She was able to see it, but it still took me quite a long time to figure out what she was trying to tell me.

Two-Tone Squares

What is Unique About this Half-Square Triangle Block?

First, I did not use the magic ring, nor does it start out with a chain 4 and a slip stitch into the first stitch to form a ring. Rather, it starts out with a chain 3 and the first stitch is worked into the third stitch from the hook.

Additionally, the yarn is not carried through the work, and I don’t have to cut the yarn with each color change. That means much less yarn ends to weave in.

This half granny triangle has different colors on the opposite corner of the square with a clean look that is easy to achieve.

Figuring out the perfect Crochet Method

We brainstormed potential different methods of how to get the look I wanted, which was a nice clean look in changing colors. Also, I didn’t want to cut the yarn and weave in ends each round. Finally, I remembered what she said to me a few years ago. Crochet back to the yarn!

So, I turned my work, which is not something you normally do for a granny square. But, when I did, I was able to use the same color of yarn I was currently using and crochet back over to the yarn I wanted to change to. I hope this makes sense.

Please make sure to carefully read the pattern, view the photos, and watch the video to help you achieve success with ease. Once you get the hang of it, it is just magic!

Crochet Video Tutorial

This pattern might be a bit complex to read through. I have filmed a how-to video to help understand the crochet pattern. There are also a few tips that I use to help make this look nicer. You can find the links below the written directions.

Solid Squares Free Tutorial

If you would like to see how to crochet a nice looking solid granny without seams, we have that for you too. While my journey of creating this technique took months of trial and error, you can find out how easy it is to achieve this nice looking square easily.

Solid Granny Square Without a Seam

There are lots of easy tutorials available for free on the website too.

Easy Half Square Triangles

Directions: Half Square Triangle Solid Granny Square

Skill Level



The gauge will depend on the type of yarn that you choose to use.

Finished Size

The finished size depends on how many grannies you choose to make and the number of rounds you do, and the type of yarn and hook size used.


Any yarn weight will work for this pattern

Use a crochet hook to match your yarn

Tapestry Needle



CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

STs = Stitches

[ ] = Repeat between

Pattern Notes

This crochet square is worked in the round.

Each round is joined at the end with a slip stitch into the top chain three of the previous row.

Turn at the end of the round.

The Chain 2 stitches are the corners. Each corner consists of a (2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC).

Double crochet stitches are the stitches on the sides. You will double crochet in each stitch across the sides. The number of double crochet stitches on each side will grow by 4 each side for the round or 16 total each round.

Crochet Pattern Directions


Round 1

CH 3 (Counts as DC). In the third ST from the hook work (2 DC, CH 2, 3 DC, CH1). Change to the new yarn color, drop the first yarn color (do not cut it, you will pick it up later). CH 1. Continue working (3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC) into the same ST. CH 2 and join to the top CH ST of the beginning CH with a SL ST.

Beginning Two-Tone Granny Square

Round 2


Work 2 SL STs into the CH 2 SP. CH 3, DC into the CH 2 SP. DC across to the next corner. In the CH 2 SP work (2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC). DC across to the next corner. In the CH 2 SP work (2 DC, CH 1). Change back to the first yarn color drop the second yarn color (do not cut it, you will pick it up later). Continue working in the CH 2 SP (CH 1, 2 DC). DC across to the next corner CH 2 SP. In the CH 2 SP work (2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC). DC across to the next corner. In the CH 2 SP work 2 DC, CH 2 and join to the top CH ST of the beginning CH 3 with a SL ST.  

Finishing Round 2 Half Square Triangle

Rounds 3 and Beyond

Continue Repeating Round 2 to make your Half Square Triangle Solid Granny Square as large as you desire.

Video Tutorial Links for the Half-Square Triangles

Right hand tutorial

Left hand tutorial

Here are other free patterns you may enjoy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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