Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern

This Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern only has two rows. Once you get started, you just complete a row until you have made the lacy shawl to the desired length. You will be amazed at how quickly each row of crochet is completed.

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Crochet Pattern Tutorials

There is a Step-by-Step video near the bottom of this post.

Thanks to the suggestions in the comments section, I have added step-by-step photos of the stitches as well near the bottom of this post. Thank you for your feedback.

The crochet results are just stunning!

Victoria Lacy Shawl
Victoria Lacy Shawl Side View

Victoria Lacy Shawl is Versatile

I used my dress form to show off this Victoria Lacy Shawl in a variety of different looks. In one of the photos, you will notice a beautiful cameo pin that adds beauty to this already beautiful shawl. I think anyone would feel pretty wearing this soft and stylish shawl. I hope these pictures give you some ideas on how to style this shawl.

In the picture below, the Victoria Lacy Shawl is wrapped around the shoulders. I like this look just as much as when it is hanging down and draping over the shoulders. I might add a pin on the shoulder to not only keep it in place, but to add a bit more beauty to the look.

Victoria Lacy Shawl wrapped over shoulders
Victoria Lacy Shawl wrapped over shoulders

This next picture shows the shawl is just draped over the shoulders. This is a close-up so you can see the stitches a bit better too.

Victoria Lacy Shawl over the shoulder
Victoria Lacy Shawl over the shoulder

Accent with a Pretty Pin

This beautiful cameo brooch is so pretty with this lacy shawl. It has the same color tones and I just love the style it adds.  I also like that I don’t have to continually pull and adjust the shawl, the pin keeps it in place nicely.

Victoria Lacy Shawl with cameo pin
Victoria Lacy Shawl with cameo pin

I tried to show you the generous size of this lacy shawl. It is folded in half and folded over a bit more to get this look.  The finished size of the shawl is approximately 14 inches wide by 64 inches long.

Victoria Lacy Shawl folded
Victoria Lacy Shawl folded

The picture below is a flat view of part of the shawl to help you see the detail.

Victoria Lacy Shawl laying flat
Victoria Lacy Shawl laying flat

Cancer Prayer Shawl

Since designing this lacy crochet shawl pattern, I myself have been diagnosed with breast cancer. While my cancer was caught with a routine mammogram, it is still quite the medical ordeal, and I will deal with it for the rest of my life. Remember to do the monthly checks. Get your mammogram done. Please make sure to take the time to get your regular medical check-ups done. Lastly, help a friend and remind them to get their check-up done. Stay healthy!

Crochet for Those in Need

Those of us that have the talent to make beautiful things with our hands have the ability to uplift someone going through a tough time. Never did I think that the Victoria Lacy Shawl would take on so much more meaning. I hope that this shawl pattern will help support someone. If you know how to crochet, I challenge you to make at least one for a person in need.

Skill Level:

I would rank this crochet pattern a one or two levels just beyond beginner. You certainly need to be able to do a chain, single crochet, double stitch, and read a pattern to be able to accomplish this. However, once a crocheter gets the hang of this pattern though, it is very easy to work and the results are beautiful. When I was designing this pattern, I must have started over at least 15 times before I could get it to look good on the ends and throughout. I am glad I kept trying though because I really love the look and feel of this lacy shawl.

Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern Printable
Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern Printable

Weekend or two Crochet Project

This Victoria Lacy Shawl is a pattern that goes quickly. If you need a gift for someone, that would make such a lovely gift. The shawl looks complicated to complete, but it is just two rows of setting up and the pattern repeats until your desired length.

Directions: Victoria Lacy Shawl

Finished Size: approximately 12 inches wide by 64 inches long.


2 Skeins yarn 6oz – Caron Simply Soft-Soft Pink

Total yarn used is just under 630 yards.

Size H (5mm) crochet hook

Yarn Needle



CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

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Pattern Princess Shop A Few of My Favorite Things

SC = Single Crochet

ST = Stitches

SP = Space


Chain 82

Row 1:

SC in 2nd CH from Hook *CH 4, Skip the next 3 ST (SC, CH 3, 3DC) in the next CH, Skip the next 3 CH, SC in the next CH. Repeat from * ending with a SC in the last ST.

Row 2 Can be Done 2 Ways

(I have made this pattern with 2DC and with 3DC using the same foundational chain stitches). I have two videos below one showing the 2DC and one showing the 3 DC. No matter which one  you choose, they are both beautiful.

Row 2:

CH 5, SC, in the first CH 3 SP. In the same SP, (CH 3, 2 DC) or you could (CH 3, 3 DC). SC in the next CH 4 SP, *CH 4, (SC, CH 3, 2 DC) or you could (SC, CH 3, 3 DC) in the next CH 3 SP, SC in the next CH 4 SP. Repeat from the * until the last CH 4 SP – end with a SC. Turn

Repeating Row

Repeat row 2 until the desired length. I did not add any special border on this pattern as I thought that the lacy shawl was beautiful without it. It is also much easier not to add a border, but you are welcome to add a border if you wish.


Cut yarn and pull through the last ST leaving about a ten inch tail. I like to use a yarn needle to weave in the end going in a variety of directions back and forth until it feels a bit secure. Then I cut the excess yarn. Make sure to go back to the starting row yarn and weave that in too.


The Caron Yarn is machine washable and dryable; however, I would probably wash by hand if you had to just to keep the shape. I have washed handmade crochet items in my wash in the past only to get something hooked on the agitator and ruin the item.

Victoria Lacy Shawl styled
Victoria Lacy Shawl styled

Crochet Stitches Video Tutorial Number 1 With 2DC

This one I explain the first row and quickly show the pattern being worked in row two.

Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern Tutorial
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Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern Video Tutorial Number 2 with 3DC

This one, I am starting from the beginning because people asked for it.

Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern Tutorial from beginning
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There are pictures showing the step-by-step further down…if this is how you learn, keep reading.

I truly want you to be able to make  your own Victoria Lacy Shawl. Thank you for visiting. I hope you had as much fun making this as I did. Enjoy wearing your beautiful Victoria Lacy Shawl. As I write this post, it is March and there is still snow on the ground in Wisconsin. The warm days of summer will be upon us soon and it will be a perfect time to make and wear your very own shawl.

Since making this Victoria Lacy Shawl, I have made other lacy shawls that are very popular. Here are the links to those as well.

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Crochet Shawl Wrap Patterns

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Step-by-Step Photos

Here are photos of the crochet stitches to help understand how to work the crochet pattern.

First two pictures
Second two pictures
Third two pictures
Fourth two pictures
Fifth two pictures
Sixth two pictures
Seventh two pictures
Victoria Lacy Shawl wrapped view
Victoria Lacy Shawl wrapped view

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42 thoughts on “Victoria Lacy Shawl Crochet Pattern”

    1. I would add 8 stitches. This would allow you to complete one set of stitches: CH 4, (SC and 3 CH), 2 DC and SC Hope that helps. I would love to see your work after you complete it. You are welcome to post it back in the comments.

  1. Hi! I managed to understand the pattern, video I mean. Looks like it will take a while for me to learn how to read one. Looking forward to make this for a friend. Thank you again for sharing this. x

  2. Dear Pattern princess1. Thank you for this beautiful pattern but I had a problem with this. After finishing 1 ball of yarn I found the width and length to be confusing. It does not look like the pattern in your diagram re width and length. Also in the second row the repeat is from the asterisk but in the video you seem to start from the 5 ch….and at the end you say do a the 4ch. Sorry if I am missing something, I would love to get a clearer idea of the pattern and perhaps a closer picture of the finished shawl. I really love this pattern and am so keen to continue. Thank you.

    1. I have made step-by-step photos to help you understand the pattern more. They are at the very bottom of the post. Hope you do continue. I am working on another one right now. The stitch really does work up to be a beautiful shawl.

  3. Hi I am confused with the instructions. 82 start doesn’t give the required width as it is way too long. Also Row 2 starts with 5 ch and continues till the end. In your instructions it says to repeat from* but from your video it seems to be from the beginning 5ch and then goes on to say at the end go into the 4 ch.and turn. Please clarify as I really love this shawl. Perhaps a close up of the finished shawl might help. Thank you

    1. I have made step-by-step photos to help you understand the pattern more. The Width should be approximately 14-15 inches. It looks like it will be long based on the length of the chain; however, when the stitches are worked, it seems to work out to the correct size.

        1. Glad you stopped back. I just uploaded a second video to help show the pattern. There are now also step-by-step pictures of the pattern near the bottom of the blog post. When you get yours done, I would love it if you posted a picture. I am rooting for you…

    1. Your kind words mean to much to me. I will keep working on writing good patterns that are easily understood. So glad that you took the time to comment and let me know my efforts are appreciated. I hope you enjoy making and wearing your own shawl.

    1. I would add 8 stitches. This would allow you to complete one set of stitches: CH 4, (SC and 3 CH), 2 DC and SC Hope that helps. I would love to see your work after you complete it. You are welcome to post it back in the comments.

  4. Love love love this pattern, so pretty and easy. I’m a you tube taught lefthanded crocheter and found your video (the first one) really easy to follow. Thank you

    1. Wow! Thank you so much. I am new to making crochet video tutorials. Your comment means to much to me. I am so glad that this helped you. I think this pattern is easy to do and so beautiful. I have posted another lacy wrap pattern and I am working on two other patterns right now. thanks for sharing with me.

  5. Beautiful shawl, but I’m confused. The instructions say 2 DC, The the photos show 3 DC. Also, I used the exact yarn and crochet hook, but mine measures 24 inches. Lol
    Is it 2 or 3 DC ? Thanks.

  6. It is a very lovely shawl, the instructions are easy to understand but I also am confused because the first set of printed instructions states 2dc, then in your first video you make 3dc, then in your second video you make 2dc, plus the step by step pictures are different again. I have bought the wool and am anxious to start—Help- please clarify!

  7. I love this pattern. I can tell by your responses to comments that you are a very nice lady and you are so patient. We all should be grateful you are taking time out to show us and help us by sharing your talents.
    I for one, am very grateful and have put this project on my to-do list. Thank you again ?

  8. Hello, love your pattern its beautiful! With that said im confused. Your written pattern says ch3, 3dc. But your first video says 2dc, and then the secound video says 3dc then I read through the comments and saw someone else adk the same question and you says its 2dc. So my question is, is it 2 or 3 dc?

  9. Hi love the shawl pattern. I also preferred the 3 DC style. I also saw that little error about a sc in the last cm 4 but knew it would be fine and continued as you wrote it. I made it as a prayer shawl for a very sick friend. We are all happy with it. Don’t know how to send pics. But my soft green Carons came out well. Ty

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