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Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip

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This Wisconsin cheddar cheese beer dip may sound like a strange combination; yet it is a delicious one. Believe me, when I first had this a few years ago, I just couldn’t get enough.

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Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip

This recipe is so easy too. With just four ingredients to a delicious dip.

Great Appetizer for Game Day

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one? This cheddar cheese beer dip is just the perfect game day food. There are two things I love about watching sports, especially the Super Bowl. The food and commercials. For me…is there anything else? Okay, sometimes, I pay attention to the game.

We love cheese at our house. A lot. Hey, we live in Wisconsin!

Cheese Dip Served with Pretzels
Cheese Dip Served with Pretzels

Fresh Cheese in Wisconsin

Seems like most of our recipes involve some type of cheese. I always have cheese in my refrigerator and freezer. We often get the fresh, squeaky cheese curds.

When people come to visit from other states, it is a must to have them experience fresh cheese curds. They laugh at us when we tell them that if the cheese curd squeaks when eating it, they are really delicious and fresh. Once they eat their first one, they get it! They are also hooked.

If you are not lucky enough to get fresh cheese curds, but can get some, even a day or two old; put a few on a plate in the microwave for 20 seconds. Just until they are soft, this should bring them back to the fresh, squeaky taste. Yum!

Fresh Cheese Curds
Fresh Cheese Curds

America’s Dairyland

There is a reason that Wisconsin is referred to as America’s Dairyland.

This state is the leading producer of dairy products, mainly cheese, in the country. If you have watched a Brewers or Packers game, you have no doubt seen someone sporting a cheese head!

We are fans of our cheese and our sports teams.

Wisconsin has a Master Cheese Making Program

Cheese makers that have made it to the rank of Master Cheese maker have had more than ten years of experience making cheese. Wow.

The Master’s Mark is an exclusive benefit for Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers. It distinguishes the cheese from others because it means the cheese was crafted by an individual who has truly mastered the craft of cheese making. To use the mark, a certified Master Cheesemaker must supervise the cheese making process in a Wisconsin plant that participates in a quality assurance program.

Another fun fact:

Some people might think that the state drink is beer! Nope.

According to Vinepair, Wisconsin ranks number 5 in beer consumption. That is 34.3 gallons per capita. Yikes! That is a lot of beer. However, that is not the state beverage. Milk is the state beverage. Likewise, the state of Wisconsin domestic animal is the dairy cow.

If you want to know more about cheese, cheese pairings, or even cheese inspiration; this website, Proudly Cheese Wisconsin, is packed with information.

Mixing Beer and Cheese

What do you get when you mix Wisconsin’s favorite things?

A beer and cheese dip of course!

Easy and Delicious Dip Recipe

This recipe combines cheddar cheese, cream cheese, seasonings, and beer for a scrumptious dip that is just perfect for any occasion.

A note on the shredded cheese. You can purchase the cheese already shredded; however, it just takes a few minutes with a box grater to grate your own cheese. I find this will save a little money at the store when you do it yourself.

Beer Dip on Multi-Grain Crackers
Beer Dip on Multi-Grain Crackers

Serving Options for the Cheddar Cheese Dip

Traditionally, this appetizer is served with pretzels, it can be paired with a wide variety of crackers too.

  • Wheat Thins
  • Sea Salt Crackers (stonewall kitchen)
  • Town House Snack Crackers
  • Almond Nut-thins Cracker Crisps from Blue Diamond Almonds
  • Sesame and Sea Salt Thins Crackers
  • Club Multi-Grain Crackers
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers
  • Breton Multi-Grain Crackers
  • Pretzel Crisps by Snack Factory
  • Town House Flip Sides Pretzel Crackers
  • Town House Pretzel Thins

You will notice in the photos that I do not have the chopped green onions on top of the dip. This is because my son-in-law and brother-in-law do not like raw onions. Therefore, in trying to please the taste buds and preferences of my guests, I have left them off this time.

Scooping Cheese Dip with a Pretzel
Scooping Dip with a Pretzel

What Kind of Beer to Use in Beer Cheese Dip

There’s one important thing to note about this Cheese Dip – and this might be obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway, the flavor of Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip depends a LOT on type/flavor of beer you choose.

If you want subtle beer flavor use a pale or lite beer for a sweeter dip.

For more intense flavor, use darker ale where you will enjoy the robust and bitterness of the beer.

Either way, choose a beer that lights up your taste buds and goes down so smoothly.  

If you want to skip the beer completely, just replace it with apple cider.

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip
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Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip

Game day would not be complete in Wisconsin without this Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip served as a snack. A quick dip that everyone enjoys at our house.
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: appetizer, beer, Cheese, dip, game day, snack
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 72kcal


  • 1 Pkg. Hidden Valley Dry Dip Mix 3 oz.
  • 2 Pkg. Cream Cheese 8 oz. each (softened)
  • 8 Oz. Beer could adjust (1/3-1/2 Cup) A beer you enjoy the flavor of
  • 1 Cup Cheddar Cheese Shredded
  • 4 Green Onions (optional) Diced


  • In a bowl, mix the dip mix, cream cheese, beer, and cheddar cheese. Mix together.
  • To serve, transfer to a serving bowl and top with chopped green onions if desired. My photo does not show the green onions as we enjoy it just as much without.


This Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Beer Dip will keep in the refrigerator a few days. Therefore, it is a great make-ahead option for serving appetizers and snacks at a gathering.


Calories: 72kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 15mg | Sodium: 100mg | Potassium: 38mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 201IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 106mg | Iron: 1mg

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