Easy Face Scrubbie

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This easy face scrubbie is another free crochet pattern for the SPA lover. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Three rounds and your are done!

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Face Scrubbie With or Without a Handle

My daughter has to test out the face scrubbie with the handle yet, but we tried to add that to see if it would help with holding the little scrubbie in the shower. She said that she loves using her scrubbie in the shower. something

Easy Face Scrubbie
Easy Face Scrubbies
Easy Face Scrubbie with Handle
Easy Face Scrubbie with Handle

Video Tutorial of Crochet Pattern

While I have provided the written crochet pattern below for the Easy Face Scrubbie, some people prefer to also see a video of the pattern being worked. I hope this video helps you learn this quick project. Use this link for the video tutorial.

The written pattern follows a bit further down in this post. First, I wanted to show you how this face scrubbie fits into a SPA Crochet Set that I have been working on. There is still more SPA patterns that are part of the set in the works yet. Enjoy!

SPA Crochet Set

This winter the weather was brutal. I spent quite a bit of time crocheting and creating. These face scrubbies are part of a larger SPA Crochet Set. While the SPA set looks beautiful in many colors, I ended up making a red and white set that is perfect for Christmas, Valentines, and Sweetest Day.

Just Love the Red and White Set
Red and White Easy Face Scrubbie
Red and White Face Scrubbie

Crochet SPA Set

Simple SPA Washcloth

These patterns for a perfect SPA day are so fun to make. Easy crochet patterns that work up quickly. The crochet pattern for the Simple SPA Washcloth for this set can be found here. The photo of the washcloth is below.

White and Red Simple SPA Washcloth
Simple SPA Washcloth
Crochet Small Bag

This small bag was actually designed initially to hold a shower melt. Works wonderfully to have this cute little bag handing in the shower with a shower melt for a headache. Really works too. If you would like this crochet pattern for the Crochet Small Bag, you can find that here. The photo of the bag is below.

Crochet Pattern Small Bag
Red and White Crochet Small Bag

Crochet Pattern: Easy Face Scrubbie

Don’t forget, there is a video tutorial too.


Approximately 3 inches around.


Less than a skein of 4-ply cotton yarn. I do recommend a cotton yarn for easy use and quick drying. Approximately 60 yards of yarn.

Here are some pretty cotton yarn options to use for this pattern.

Size H Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle


If you are new to crochet, you can get a nice beginner crochet set here.


DC = Double Crochet

SC = Single Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

ST = Stitch


Begin with a magic circle. CH 1. This chain 1 does not count as anything.

Not quite sure what a magic circle is? Here is a complete tutorial for you.

Round 1: Complete 12 DC in the magic circle. Join with a SL ST into the top loops of the first DC.

Round 2: CH 1 (this does not count as anything). 1 SC in same ST. 2 SC in each DC. Complete SC in the first ST. Join with a SL ST.

Round 3: CH 1 (this does not count as anything). 1 DC in same ST. [2 DC in next ST, 1 DC in next ST]. Repeat between [ ] all the way around. Complete DC in the first ST. Join with SL ST.

Finishing: Gently pull the center of the face scrubbie closed a bit to close up the center hole a bit smaller. Using a yarn needle, weave in the yarn ends. Cut off the excess yarn. You are already complete with your face scrubbie.

Keep Reading for Adding the Handle to the Easy Face Scrubbie

Close up of Easy Face Scrubbie
Close up of Easy Face Scrubbie
Handles on Easy Face Scrubbies
Handles on Easy Face Scrubbies

Directions to the Handle

After you have completed the last row and completed the SL ST, rather than weaving in the yarn, continue on for the handle.

Complete 9-12 chains depending on how tight you want the handle for the face scrubbie on your hand. Once the chains are complete, slip stitch into the top two loops of a stitch across from where you started the handle. This way the handle is in the middle of the scrubbie. Now it is time to weave in the ends and cut off the excess yarn.

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I hope that you liked this pattern. If you are looking for more ideas for crocheted projects, here are a few others you may enjoy.

Crochet SPA Patterns
Crochet SPA Patterns

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  1. I love this pattern. It’s easy but different. I love the idea with the handle. I just startet croching 😀
    Greetings from Germany

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