Pattern for Home DIY – Triad Baskets Crochet Pattern

Complete directions for three crochet baskets: Pattern for Home DIY. There is a large basket with handles, medium basket with one handle, and a small acorn basket with a cute lid. This pattern was such a joy to make. Learn how to use this triad baskets crochet pattern to make them for your home decor. Be creative as you make them in colors that compliment your home interior. Have fun.

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Pattern for Home DIY

Trio of crochet baskets

I received a sample copy of this pattern for the
ANNIE’S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Triad Baskets Crochet Pattern

Beyond the pattern, I was not financially compensated in any way.

Pattern Title: ANNIE’S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Triad Baskets Crochet Pattern

Designed by: Lena Skvagerson for Annie’s Signature Designs

I did a review of the pattern here. Now that I have completed my own triad baskets, here is a bit about how it went.

Here is the version that was made by the pattern designer. They look very nice and remind me of the beach.

Triad Baskets Crochet Pattern

Pattern for Home DIY – Triad Baskets Crochet Pattern

I chose to use different colors. However, the summer and beach look was still something I wanted to achieve in mine. Here are a few pictures of the trio baskets I made.

Trio of crochet baskets

Trio of crochet baskets 1

Linen Stitch Blanket and Trio of Baskets Set

If you notice, the first picture has a cute blanket under the baskets that make the set look a bit more coordinated and more like a set that goes together.  Here is the pattern for the crochet blanket. It also includes a video tutorial on how to crochet the linen stitch. If you are like me,  think you will find that this pattern is a bit addictive once you get going.

Having Enough Yarn

The original pattern used colors of cinnamon and teal and to make all 3 baskets and required 4 skeins of the teal and 2 skeins of the cinnamon. However, I was worried that I would run out in the middle of the project or not have enough skeins of each color to crochet with multiple strands all at once. Therefore, I purchased 6 skeins of each of the colors I planned on working with. I did not choose the same colors as shown in the picture, instead, I chose to use minty and soft white. You can see in the picture below with the colors I chose.

Minty Red Heart Super Saver

Soft White Super Saver

Triad of Baskets mint and soft white color choice


Hook Size

I had to use a size N crochet hook because the J hook that was recommended in the pattern kept not picking up a strand or two of yarn and I was done with that rather quickly. I pulled out the stitches a few times and had to redo when I noticed a stray strand of yarn. When I started over and used the N crochet hook, those problems went away. This was just my experience, you may have a different one. However, I also think that the stitch would have been a bit tighter and given the baskets a bit more structure if I had used a smaller hook.

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Working with Multiple Strands of Yarn

I had a difficult time at first with the yarn getting tangled or not being the same tension as I was crocheting. Therefore, I put the yarn on end and was able to easily pull the 4 strands of yarn off relatively evenly with no tangles. Here is a picture showing how I had then set on the couch next to me. (you can see the pattern tucked behind the yarn for easy reference too). Coffee was to the right of me ?

standing yarn on end

Bottom of Large Basket with Two Handles

Very easy pattern to work. Once I figured out the crochet hook size and how to unwind the yarn, it was a fun pattern to start. Here is the pictures of the large basket starting. The bottom of the large basket was done using four strands of the Minty Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

Beginning Triad Basket

Acorn Basket

I made the acorn basket two different ways because I had the extra yarn. For one look, I used two strands of the Minty Red Heart Super Saver and two strands of the Soft White Super Saver. Then I also made the basket just using four strands of the Minty Red Heart Super Saver.

Getting the Lid Just Right

I must be honest, I had to make the lid for the basket three times before I had it correct. For some reason, the first one was too small. The second one was too large. The third one was just fine. I wish I could tell you what I did differently. Unfortunately, I don’t think it was anything different than being careful about how loose and tight I made my stitches. Hopefully, you will have better results. You can see from the pictures that it turned out beautifully in the end.

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