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Easy Headband

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This is a quick & easy headband that takes me less than an hour to make. Make this headband while you are watching a movie. This pattern makes a headband that is fun to wear and will keep your ears warm in the cold weather.

Do you love the look of crochet headbands but don’t know how to make them yourself? This easy headband crochet pattern is perfect for beginners! This one is simple to follow and works up quickly. With just a few basic stitches, you can create a stylish headband that will keep your ears warm all winter long.

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Easy Headband Crochet Pattern

Headbands Keep Ears Warm in Cold Weather

When we had family visiting recently, the teenagers wanted to go outside and play in the snow. We borrowed them warm clothing to wear. While they were out playing, I made a few of these headbands for them to have their own.

A quick crochet project like this is economical, fun, and appreciated by the receiver. They all had no problem putting them on and going back outside the next day.

Quick and Easy Headband Crochet Project

This ear warmer can be made in an hour or two with just a little yarn. This pattern uses the single crochet and half double crochet stitch to create rows of texture. It is slightly stretchy, yet fits on the head nicely.

Beginner Crochet Pattern Ear Warmer

Video Tip on Joining the Beginning Chain

When crocheting a headband, it can be tricky to join the long tail of chains to the first crochet stitch. However, by doing the trick I show you in the video below, you will no longer have to worry about twisting the chain. The video is less than two minutes, give it a watch. Subscribe while you are there too.

Pattern for the Easy Headband


This pattern measures approximately 4” high by 18-19” around. This headband should fit an adult head.

Note: using this same pattern, you could make a headband as big or small as you like. Adjust the number of rows or the number of stitches around. To adjust the stitches, since it is worked in even stitches, increase or decrease by 2 stitches.


I have made this in a number of colors. Yarn yardage between 100-150 yards.
Red Heart Super Saver-Real Teal
Red Heart Super Saver-Antique
Caron Jumbo-grey
Size H Boye aluminum crochet hook
Tapestry needle


SC = single crochet

HDC = half double crochet

SL ST = slip stitch

CH = chain

Rep = repeat *

ST = stitch


6 chains every 2 inches

Create Stripes by Alternating Yarn Colors
Create Stripes by Alternating Yarn Colors

Crochet Pattern Instructions:

Foundation Chain:

ch 66, sl st into first ch forming a circle. Be sure not to twist the chains. (make sure to watch the video on this above)

Row 1:

ch1, *hdc and sc in next st. Skip the next st.* Repeat between the *. At the end of the row, sl st to the top of the first hdc of the row. (not the ch 1)

Rows 2-11:

rep row 1.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Enjoy wearing your headband!

Quick & Easy Headband
Quick & Easy Headband

Here are some other crochet patterns that are great for beginners.

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