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Free Easy Crochet Granny Square Tablecloth Pattern

Creating this granny square tablecloth pattern was a labor of love. This yarn is from my sister’s sweet mother-in-law that recently passed away. My sister was cleaning out her things and ran across a bag of yarn, a started project, and a crochet hook.

Crocheting isn’t just a hobby; it’s an art form that weaves cherished memories and traditions. Whether you’re a seasoned crochet enthusiast or a complete beginner, there’s something magical about creating beautiful, functional pieces with your own two hands.

easy crochet tablecloth pattern

If you’re on the lookout for a project that’s both easy and rewarding, you’re in for a treat.

Find a delightful journey of crocheting your very own Granny Square Tablecloth, using simple stitches that are perfect for beginners.

Free Easy Crochet Granny Square Tablecloth Pattern

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Crocheting in Memory of Loved Ones

I loved the colors that she chose to coordinate with each other. I decided to make four crocheted tablecloths, so I wrote down this granny square tablecloth pattern. One for each of my three nieces and one for my nephew in memory of their grandmother. I hope they like it.

Imagine adorning your dining table with a piece of handcrafted elegance, a tablecloth that exudes warmth and nostalgia. Especially meaningful when grandma has passed on and you can have a piece of her last yarn craft adorning your dining room table.

Crafting Timeless Memories

Granny squares, with their timeless appeal, have been a favorite in the world of crochet for generations. They are not only versatile but also incredibly forgiving for those just starting out.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a crocheting adventure that will leave you with a treasured keepsake and a newfound love for this craft, read on.

Tablecloth crochet pattern
Tablecloth Crochet Pattern 1

Learning How to Crochet

I learned how to make a granny square not to long ago and started making the black and white granny squares into an afghan – here is the link for that first granny square project. Black and White Granny Squares Afghan I had learned the pattern using this great tutorial that is very clear and easy to understand-here is the link to that. The Humble Granny Square

Where to Display Crochet Tablecloths?

While this is a square tablecloth, you can use it on a round table, square table, or a dining room table.

Here are a few other ideas on using your handmade crochet piece.

Displaying a square crochet tablecloth can add charm and elegance to your home decor.

Here are some popular places to consider when showcasing your square crochet tablecloth:

Dining Table: The most traditional and common place to display a crochet tablecloth is on your dining table. It instantly transforms your dining area into a cozy and inviting space. Choose a tablecloth that complements your dining room’s color scheme and style.

Coffee Table: A smaller square crochet tablecloth can be draped over a coffee table, adding a touch of elegance to your living room or sitting area. It can also serve as a protective cover for your coffee table.

Side Table: Place a square crochet tablecloth on a side table or accent table in your living room or bedroom. It can create a visually pleasing focal point in the room.

Bedroom Dresser: Use a crochet tablecloth as a decorative accent on your bedroom dresser. It adds a romantic and vintage touch to your bedroom decor. You can place items like a jewelry box or a vase of flowers on top of it.

Console Table: If you have a console table in your entryway or hallway, a crochet tablecloth can add a welcoming and homey touch. It’s a great place to display family photos or decorative items.

Unique Display Ideas for Your square crochet tablecloth patterns

Outdoor Dining Area: If you have an outdoor dining space, consider using a crochet tablecloth to dress up your patio or deck table. It can create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.

Picnic Table: Take your crochet tablecloth on a picnic and use it to cover the picnic table. It not only adds a touch of style to your outdoor meal but also provides a clean surface for food and drinks.

Wall Art: If you have a particularly intricate or visually stunning crochet tablecloth, you can frame it and hang it on the wall as a piece of art. This allows you to enjoy its beauty without worrying about it getting dirty.

Seasonal Displays: Change out your crochet tablecloth seasonally to match the time of year. For example, use a bright and cheerful tablecloth for spring and summer, and switch to a warmer, cozier one for fall and winter.

Special Occasions: Reserve your crochet tablecloth for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, or anniversary dinners. Its a great idea to make these events feel even more memorable and celebratory.

When displaying your crochet tablecloth, be sure to keep it clean and well-maintained. Depending on the material you used, you may need to wash it carefully and store it properly when not in use. With the right care, your square crochet tablecloth can become a cherished part of your home decor for years to come.

crochet tablecloth
Tablecloth Crochet pattern

Basic Crochet Stitches

This pattern uses simple stitches to complete the classic granny square.

You can find these beginner crochet stitches on our Crochet Tutorials page. We also have special stitches for you to learn once you have mastered the basics with these Advanced Crochet Tutorials.

Double Crochet (DC)

Yarn over, insert the hook through both loops and pull up a loop. Next, yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook. Lastly, yarn over again and pull through the last two loops on the hook.


What Type of Yarn Should You Use for a Granny Square Tablecloth?

When making a granny square tablecloth, it’s essential to choose a yarn that not only suits your aesthetic preferences but also meets the practical requirements of a tablecloth. Here are some popular yarn options to consider:

Cotton Yarn:

Cotton yarn is an excellent choice for tablecloths because it’s durable, absorbent, and easy to care for. It also provides a crisp, clean look. Mercerized cotton yarns have a shiny finish, while non-mercerized cotton has a more matte appearance. Both can work well for tablecloths.

Linen Yarn:

Linen yarn is another natural fiber option known for its strength and cool, crisp feel. It can give your tablecloth a lovely drape and a timeless, elegant look. It’s particularly well-suited for warm-weather tablecloths.

Acrylic Yarn:

Acrylic yarn is affordable and easy to care for, making it a practical choice. While it lacks the natural fiber feel of cotton or linen, it offers a wide range of color options, allowing you to get creative with your tablecloth’s design.

Blend Yarns:

Some yarns are blends of different fibers, such as cotton and acrylic. These blends can combine the benefits of various fibers, like the durability of cotton and the ease of care of acrylic. They can be an excellent compromise if you’re looking for both functionality and aesthetics.

Bamboo Yarn:

Bamboo yarn is eco-friendly, soft, and has a unique sheen. It drapes beautifully and can add an elegant touch to your tablecloth.

Mercerized Yarn:

Mercerized cotton or other fibers have been chemically treated to improve their luster and durability. These yarns can create a glossy, luxurious appearance for your tablecloth.

Lace Weight Yarn:

If you want a delicate, airy tablecloth, consider using lace weight yarn. It can result in a more intricate and lightweight design.

Variegated Yarn:

If you’d like to add some visual interest to your tablecloth, consider variegated or self-striping yarns. These can create colorful and captivating patterns without needing to change colors manually.

Natural Dyed Yarn:

For a truly artisanal and eco-friendly touch, you can opt for yarns dyed with natural dyes. These yarns can provide unique, earthy colors and textures to your tablecloth.

When selecting yarn, pay attention to the washing and care instructions on the yarn label. Since tablecloths are likely to encounter spills and stains, it’s essential to choose a yarn that can withstand washing without losing its shape or color.

Ultimately, the yarn you choose will depend on your personal preferences, the desired look and feel of your tablecloth, and any specific functional requirements you have in mind. Experiment with different yarn types and colors to create a granny square tablecloth that suits your style and needs.

Free crochet tablecloth patterns

You can find other free crochet patterns for tablecloths using thread variegated yarn.

Christmas Crochet Rectangle Tablecloth Free Pattern

How to Crochet a Rectangle Granny Free Pattern

Beginner Granny Square Christmas Doily

Crochet Granny Square SPA Washcloth Pattern

Granny Square Tablecloth Pattern 1

Directions: Free Easy Crochet Granny Square Tablecloth Pattern

Skill Level

Beginner Crocheters will find that this is an easy pattern to start with.


12 single crochet every 4 inches.


12 inches X 12 inches square

Pattern Notes

This pattern is written in US Terms.

You will not be turning at the end of each round. Rather, you will be joining the rounds with a slip stitch.

The crochet pattern is a two row repeat of rounds 2 and 3.


Claret color Red Heart Super Saver, less than 1 skein. Approximately 175 yards.

Buff color Red Heart Super Saver, less than 1 skein. Approximately 175 yards.

Coffee color Red Heart Super Saver, less than 1 skein. Approximately 175 yards.

Medium Thyme color Red Heart Super Saver, less than 1 skein. Approximately 175 yards.

Size K Boye crochet hook

Tapestry needle



CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

SC = Single Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

STs = Stitches


Begin by making 5 chains (CH), join with a slip stitch to the 5th chain from hook to form a ring.

Round 1:

For this round, you will be working inside the ring. chain 3 and count this chain 3 as your first DC of this round and throughout the entire pattern. continuing working in the ring, work 2 DC. Then chain 3. 3 DC, CH 3, 3DC, CH3, 3DC, CH3 and join into the top of the beginning chain. This join completes the first shell of the first round. (note, you should have 4 clusters of 3 DC with 4 areas of CH 3 between)

Round 2:

CH 4 (This will count as your first DC plus a 1 CH). Then in the first CH 3 SP, [3 DC, 3 CH, 3 DC and CH 1].  Continue the stitch pattern between the [ ] until the last CH 3 SP. In the last CH 3 SP, work the 3 DC, 3 CH, then work only 2 DC and join with a SL into the 3rd chain of the beginning CH STs. This join will complete the round. (You should have 8 shells, 4 chain 3 spaces, and 4 CH 1 spaces).

Round 3:

CH 3 (Counts as a DC), Insert the hook into the CH 1 SP from the previous row, (Should be right where the previous row ended). YO and work a DC, Insert hook again, YO and DC. (This completes your first 3 DC in the round). CH 1. [In the corner CH 3 SP work (3 DC, 3 CH, 3 DC. and CH 1)]. In the next CH 1 SP work 3 DC and 1 CH]. Repeat between [ ] 3 more times until all 4 sides are complete. After the last DC in the CH 3 space CH 1 and SL ST into the top ST of the first DC of this round. (You should have 12 shells and 12 spaces after the completion of this round).

Rounds 4 Through 13

Continue working rounds 2 and 3 until your project is the desired size that you wish.

I made mine 12 inches X 12 inches. square.

Finishing Rows

Rounds 14 and 15

I finished off the tablecloth with two rounds of double crochet.

To do this, CH 3 (Counts as DC), DC in each ST around. Work 3 DC in each corner ST. Join with a SL ST into the top of the CH 3.

Repeat one more time for round 15.

Weave in any loose yarn ends and cut of the excess.

Color Rows Used in This Pattern

Starting in the center, work three rounds of Claret.

Change colors and work three rounds of medium Thyme.

Next work three rounds of Coffee.

Change colors again and work three rounds of Buff colored yarn.

For the last color change, I did one round of Claret.

The last two rounds I finished off with doing a double crochet in each stitch.

Fasten off and use tapestry needle to weave in all ends.

Tablecloth Crochet Pattern 1

Crochet a Thoughtful Gift

Whether you’re making this tablecloth for your home, as a thoughtful gift, or simply to unwind and relax with your crochet hook and yarn, this pattern is designed to be your companion. So, grab your favorite crochet hook, select some beautiful yarn, and let’s begin crafting memories, one stitch at a time.

Two Videos on Granny Square Basics

Here is a video tutorial on making a granny square.

Here is video tutorial on changing colors when making a granny square

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