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Fast and Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

Whether you’re an experienced crafter or a crochet novice, our newest creation, the “Fast and Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern,” invites you to embark on a cozy and creative journey.

A simple pattern for a beautiful blanket. It’s a great project for new crocheters. Make this in different colors.

Easy Crochet Pattern

Crocheting, an art form that has stood the test of time, allows us to slow down, unwind, and immerse ourselves in the soothing rhythm of yarn and hook.

I find crochet to help reduce stress and let the troubles of the day melt away.

In a world that seems to be constantly moving at breakneck speed, there’s a timeless charm in the act of creating something beautiful with your own two hands. This pattern is designed with beginners in mind, making it the perfect project for those who are just starting their crochet journey.

Green and Gold Blanket Pattern

Drawing inspiration from the world around us, the color palette of our pattern pays homage to the rugged elegance of John Deere equipment and the spirited energy of football season.

At our house, green and gold stand for the football team Green Bay Packer-John Deere afghan. The football that is shown in this picture was signed by Jordy Nelson and Brady Papinga. They visited our local school many years ago and they signed this football for my daughter. We have a picture of Jordy sitting on a bench with my daughter too. Very good people and role models.

Whether you’re crafting for your own space or fashioning a heartfelt gift, the green and gold tones will evoke feelings of warmth and excitement.

Fast and Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Can beginners crochet a blanket?

Crafting a crochet blanket serves as an excellent project, even for those taking their first steps in the world of crocheting. While it might initially appear daunting, breaking down the process reveals that a blanket essentially consists of a large rectangle.

Therefore, once you are comfortable with basic crochet stitches, you are ready to begin creating a snug and comforting afghan pattern that will provide warmth throughout the winter season.

Choosing the Right Skill Level for Your First Project

It’s important to choose a pattern that’s appropriate for your skill level. If this is your first blanket, choose something that you will not get easily bored with, yet be easy enough for a beginner crocheter to complete.

If you choose a pattern that is too hard, it can be frustrating and overwhelming.

We have lots of Free easy crochet blanket patterns for you to choose along with this pattern here today.

Modern Colorful Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Harbor Mist Incredibly Easy Blanket Pattern

Crochet Textured Baby Blanket in Pastel

Determining the Size of Your Blanket

Blankets can be made in a wide variety of sizes. A good choice for your first blanket is a throw size – large enough that you’ll enjoy using it, but not so large that it takes ages to finish.

Along with the size, think about the construction. While granny square blankets are super easy, the squares are joined together unless you do a continuous granny square blanket. Therefore, if this is your first blanket, consider working a pattern that is one piece or even one color.

What Yarn Should You Use for a Throw Blanket?

If this is your first blanket, a good choice is a medium weight yarn.

However, you can work this pattern and many others using a bulky yarn. They do work up faster than thinner yarns or worsted weight yarn.

The type of yarn also depends on how you will use the blanket. A thick and chunky yarn is heavier and a great cozy choice for a winter throw blanket. Whereas, a thinner medium weight yarn works nice for a summertime cover up or even a baby blanket.

How to Crochet a Blanket for Beginners

How to Crochet a Blanket for Beginners

For those who are new to the world of crocheting, the allure of crafting their very first blanket is often irresistible. Blankets, with their comforting embrace and less intricate designs compared to clothing or hats, provide an ideal starting point for beginners.

What’s more, many beginner-friendly blanket patterns center around the use of a single stitch, simplifying the learning process and boosting confidence in crocheting endeavors.

This blanket is just that. The double crochet stitch is a very simple stitch to learn. This crochet project is a great one to practice your stitches over and over. As you continue your crochet journey, your yarn tension and stitches will even out.

Additionally, the double crochet stitch works up quickly and you see results fast too.

Double Crochet Stitch

The double crochet stitch is often considered one of the faster crochet stitches for beginners. Its construction involves fewer steps compared to some other stitches, making it easier to pick up and work through more quickly.

This stitch also produces a taller and more open texture, which means you cover more ground with each stitch, resulting in faster progress across your project.

Due to its simplicity and speed, the double crochet stitch is frequently recommended for those who are just starting to explore the world of crochet.

As confidence and skill grow, beginners can then delve into more intricate stitch patterns and projects with a solid foundation in the basics.

Whether you’re aiming for efficiency or looking to complete your projects sooner, the double crochet stitch is an excellent choice to begin your crocheting journey.

Green and Gold Afghan on Chair

How to Make the Double Crochet Stitch

The Double Crochet is abbreviated as (DC) in written patterns.

Yarn over, insert the hook through both loops and pull up a loop. Next, yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook. Lastly, yarn over again and pull through the last two loops on the hook.


You can find other crochet stitch tutorials on the website too.

Free Tutorials with videos

Blog Posts Dedicated to a Free Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

Now that you know how to crochet a blanket, it’s time to make your own. Here is a free pattern for a striped blanket that you can use to practice your skills.

This particular pattern makes a nice warm with a little texture that’s perfect for warming up on cold nights.

Customize this pattern with varying stripe yarn colors or make this using just one color.

While this pattern uses simple stitches, if this is the first time you are making a blanket. It is a good idea to make a small swatch to practice the stitch pattern before you make the larger blanket size.

Easy snuggly throw blanket in green and gold yarn

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Directions: Fast and Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level:

Beginner Friendly

Blanket Size:

59 inches wide X 64 inches long

Change the size by adding or decreasing one stitch. Just repeat row two until you reach your desired length.


12 single crochet and 15 rows


Red Heart Gold, three skeins of yarn or 1,095 yards.

Red Heart Paddy Green, three skeins of yarn or 1,095 yards.

If you are not able to find the yarn locally, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Crochet Hook Size J 6.0 mm
Tapestry needle


BLDC = Back Loop Double Crochet

CH = Chain Stitch

DC = Double Crochet

ST = Stitch

Pattern Notes:

  • The pattern is written using US terms.
  • The blanket is worked in one piece, in rows.
  • Turning chain 3 does count as a stitch. 
  • Yarn colors are changed to create stripes.
  • Double crochet stitches are worked in the back loop only.
  • Turn at the end of the row.

Stripe Sequence

Color Changes

10 sections of green (8 rows each)
9 sections of yellow/gold (6 rows each)
Total rows 134

Crochet Pattern Instructions


Make a slip knot on the hook and work a foundation chain.

180 chain stitches

Row 1:

In 4th ST from hook, work a DC and continue to DC in each CH until the end. Turn

Rows 2:

Ch 3 (Counts as a Double Crochet), work a BLDC in each ST across until the end. Turn.

Rows 3-134:

Repeat row 2.


Finish the blanket by cutting the yarn; about a 12-inch length. Weave in the ends.

Alternatively, you could also add a crochet border for a finishing touch.

Here is a closeup of the Afghan.

close up of greed and gold afghan

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Fast and Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern
Enjoy using your afghan!

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Monday 9th of March 2020

Beautiful work! For the green and yellow blanket, Can you tell me the name of the yarn colors that you used?


Tuesday 10th of March 2020

Thank you. I can. Red Heart Gold and Red Heart Paddy Green.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.