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Green Bay Packer-John Deere Crochet Pillow

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Green Bay Packer-John Deere Pillow.This green and gold pillow matches a very quick and easy Green Bay Packer-John Deere Afghan that I crochet as well.

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We live on a farm and of course, some of our tractors are John Deere. However, we also live in Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers are the pride and joy of the state. We can’t help but be fans of both. So it just seems appropriate for us to have a green and gold pillow and afghan to match.

Green and Gold Pillow



  • Dc = double crochet
  • Ch = chain stitch
  • St = stitch

Color Rows:

Front section:

20 rows

3 sections of green (4 rows each)

2 sections of yellow/gold (4 rows each)

Back section:

Back side 27 rows yellow (yes, the back side is longer)

Total rows 47

backside of green and gold crochet pillow

Directions: Green Bay Packer-John Deere Pillow

Note: The front and back of the pillow covering is worked in a long flat rectangle.

Foundation chain: ch 55

Row 1: in 3rd St from hook, Dc in back loop and continue to Dc in each ch until the end.

Row 2-46: Turn ch 2, Dc in each st. until the end. Repeat row 2 for the rest of the rows changing colors as desired.  (note that the yellow is on the backside and it is longer than the other side.  I did this so it would tuck inside the pillow and cover the top of the pillow nicely). The photo below shows the backside extending approximately 6 inches beyond the front of the pillow case. (the rows of each color are indicated above).

Green and gold crochet pillow covering laying flat
Green and gold crochet pillow covering laying flat
Crochet sides together
Crochet sides together

Long Rectangular Shape

The pillow lays out like a long rectangular shape.  I put the right sides together and joined the pillow on the sides using a crochet hook. I just did a single crochet stitch and picked up a stitch from both the front and back at the same time. This closed up the sides nicely. (note, when going around the corners, I added 2 additional SC to help them close better).

Adding Ties

In order to secure the crochet pillow covering around a pillow, I added ties. I made those by making a chain. I did green for the front and yellow for the back. Two of each color approximately 8 inches long.

I started with the usual slip stitch on the hook, inserted the hook through a stitch on the side I was working with, did a yarn over and pulled through the loop on the hook. Now, I was ready to make my chains. When I had it as long as I wanted, I brought the yarn all the way through the last loop on the hook and pull snug.

Fasten off and weave in ends using the tapestry needle.

As you can see, I just put a pillow inside this and tied it closed. Great way to upcycle an old pillow.

covering pillow

Enjoy using your pillow!

close up of ties

Pillow and Afghan

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