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How to Make a Two-by-Two Quilt Block

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Consider making a two-by-two quilt block if you are looking to add a bold, graphic effect to your next quilt. Not only do these fun and cheerful blocks easy to make, but they also provide the perfect backdrop for colorful fabrics.

This tutorial will give you all the details on how to create a 9-inch two-by-two block with ease. No matter what your skill level is, you will be able to create this pretty design.

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How to Make a Two-by-Two Quilt Block

Simple Pattern for Scrap Fabrics

This quilt block will look equally remarkable in florals or solids. It’s all about the way you arrange each piece.

I am working on a pillow design using this simple pattern with scrap fabrics leftover from a few baby quilts I made for my new grandson. In this pillow, I am using a striped fabric for the middle to help add to the directional effect of the arrangement.

It just takes a few minutes to cut the rectangles, get them sewn together and stitched back together into a square. Get ready have some fun while creating eye catching and unique designs.

Graphic of 2 by 2 quilt block

What is a Two-by-Two Quilt Block?

A two by two quilt block is made of up 8 rectangular pieces of fabric. Sew them together lengthwise to create a square. Arrange the four squares into a four patch quilt block design.

Sew the top and bottom rows together, then sew the two halves together. The key is how you place your squares. Two will be vertical and two will be horizontal, which creates a windmill shape in the middle. Your quilt block is ready to use in your next project.

This quilt block pattern looks nicest with at least two contrasting fabric colors.

Simple 2 by 2 block pattern

Make an easy quilted pocket pillow covering with this quilt block, a border, and some backing fabric.

Directions: How to Make a Two-by-Two Quilt Block

Skill Level

This quilt block is perfect for a beginner.

You should be comfortable with sewing squares together. Measuring and using a rotary cutter. Nesting seams together and pressing seams.

Finished Size

You will end up with a 9-inch quilt square ready to sew into your quilt.


Eight Rectangles Fabric, the same size 5-inches X 2 ¾-inches. It is recommended to use at least two different fabrics for a nice contrast.



Rotary Cutter

Quilting Ruler

Cutting Mat

Rotating Cutting Mat


Ironing Board or Pressing Mat


Sewing Machine

My Favorite Quilting Supplies

Two by Two Quilt Block Layout

Quilt Block Notes

Use a ¼-inch seam allowance. I recommend using a special presser foot with a ¼-inch guide if you have one for your machine.  This will help you get uniform seams, and matching seams.

Nest your seams. This means that the seams of each row are aligned, and the pieces fit together almost like the pieces of a puzzle.

Right Sides Together. Sew fabric together with right sides together.

Quilt Block Instructions

Begin with Eight Rectangles Fabric, the same size 5-inches X 2 ¾-inches. At least two contrasting colors work nicely for this sewing pattern.

layout the design and join the rectangles
layout the design and join the rectangles

Sew the Four Patch Squares

Join two of the rectangles horizontally, one of each color, with right sides together. Sew a ¼-inch seam allowance.

Press seams to the darker side.

Repeat three more times.

You should now have four squares measuring ready to sew into a four patch design.

Join the top and bottom rows of 2 x 2 four patch
Join the top and bottom rows of 2 x 2 four patch

Sewing the Four Patches Together

Using ¼-inch seam allowance, with right sides together, sew the top two squares together, press the seams to the right. Next, sew the bottom two squares together, press the seams to the left.

Sew the top row and the bottom row together making sure to nest the seams aligning your seams.

Press the seam open or to one side.

If necessary, trim your block to the square size specified in the quilt pattern you are working on.

That’s it, you have a beautiful two-by-two quilt block ready to use in your pattern.

This is a fun and quick quilt block to make, and the looks will vary based on your fabric choices.

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