Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Pattern

Learn how to crochet this beautiful Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap. This free pattern comes with directions and a video tutorial. If you are looking for a crochet pattern that is relatively easy to master with beautiful results, then this one is for you. This pattern uses a repeat of two rows to create a lovely wrap.

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Crochet Pattern Tutorials

There is a Step-by-Step video near the bottom of this post.

Views of this Beautiful Timeless Crochet Wrap

This first view is showing the wrap around the shoulders.

Misty Crochet Lacy Wrapped around shoulders

This second view shows the wrap just draped over the shoulders. It creates a nice look around the neckline.

Front Neck area of Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap

This view is the back of the Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap

Back view of Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap

Versatile Fashion Accessory

This can be a shawl or wrap. This pattern is so versatile as it can be worn in so many ways. Wear it as an everyday wrap. Dress up for the evening and top off the look with this lacy wrap. Use it as a swimsuit cover up by wrapping it around your hips and securing it on one side. No matter which way you choose to use this beautiful Misty’s Lacy Shawl free crochet pattern, it is sure to quickly become one of your go-to style pieces in your wardrobe.

Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Printable

Pattern Alteration

The pattern can be altered to any width or length that you desire. The width can be adjusted by adding or decreasing 9 plus 6 stitches for the foundational row of chain stitches. Along with changing the size of the pattern, some people may choose to add a border or a fringe to the wrap. Be creative and make it a style that you want to use as a fashion staple.

Finished size: approximately 19 inches wide by 60 inches long

Pattern Notes:

Row 1 consists of the V-Stitch.

Row 2 consists of the HDC Decreasing Stitch.

Special stitches:


DC, CH 1, DC in the same ST

HDC Decreasing Stitch:

YO, insert hook in the top of the DC ST, YO, insert hook through the CH 1 SP, YO, insert hook in the top of the DC ST. YO, pull yarn through all the loops on the hook except the last one (6 loops) leaving 1 loop. YO and pull through the two loops on the hook.



DC = Double Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

SK = Skip

SP = Space

ST = Stitch

YO = Yarn Over


3 Skeins Caron Simply Soft yarn Soft Green (approximately 945 yards)

Crochet hook Size G 4.25mm

Yarn Needle


Directions: Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Pattern

Chain 96

Row 1: in the 4th CH from the hook, complete a DC. CH 1 Skip a CH. In the next stitch, DC, CH 1, DC. Skip 2 CH. *DC, CH 1, DC. Skip 2 CH*. Continue the pattern between the * until there are 3 CH left. CH 1, Skip 1 CH, DC in the last 2 CH.

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Row 2: Ch 3, DC in the next ST, CH 1. *(HDC decreasing stitch). CH 2* Complete the stitches between *. End with CH 1, DC in the last 2 ST.

Row 3: CH 3, DC in the next ST, CH 1 *(V-Stitch in the top ST of the previous row HDC decreasing stitch).* Complete the stitches between *. End with CH 1, DC in the last 2 ST.

Row 4 and after: Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired length.

This view of the Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap shows it being worn with a brooch. It is so timeless and flattering to wear. Here is a brooch that would look beautiful with the wrap.

Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Pattern with brooch


Video for the Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap

Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Pattern

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Near the bottom of this post are step-by-step pictures on how-to crochet the Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap

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Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Printable

First 2 pictures

Second 2 pictures

Third 2 pictures

Fourth 2 pictures

Fifth 2 pictures

Sixth 2 pictures

Seventh 2 pictures

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