Winter Color Crochet Square

It is winter here in Wisconsin and it just seems like I need to make an afghan out of winter colors. These colors just compliment each other so nicely and will dress up the room in the cold month. This winder color crochet square pattern is fun to make, which makes it hard not to just keep making them. They are so quick and easy to make and while I do not know the end result yet, I do know that I will just continue making them until I think I have enough for an afghan.

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Cold Winter Weather

Good Day for Crafting

It is negative thirteen here today. When I was younger and we were actively farming, I would have been outside working in this weather. On days like this, I am thankful to be able to cuddle up on my couch, get my crochet hook in hand, and create something.

Here is the pattern for the winter color crochet square



Each granny square is approximately 11 inches X 11 inches. Then there is about a 1-inch white border around each square


CH = chain

DC = double crochet

SK =skip

SL ST = slip stitch

SP = space

ST = stitch

TR = treble crochet

YO = yarn over


Starting with the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Paddy Green color

Begin by making a Magic Circle. Directions for the magic circle can be found here.

Round 1: For this round, you will be working inside the magic circle. chain 3 and count this chain 3 as your first DC of this round and throughout the entire pattern. Continuing working in the ring, work 2 DC. Then chain 3. 3 DC, CH 3, 3DC, CH3, 3DC, CH3 and join into the top of the beginning chain. This join completes the first shell of the first round. (note, you should have 4 clusters of 3 DC with 4 areas of CH 3 between)

Round 2: Make 4 CH, this will count as your first DC plus a 1 CH. Then in the first CH 3 space, work *3 DC, 3 CH, 3 DC and CH 1*.  Continue the stitch pattern between the * until the last 3-ch space. In the last CH 3 SP, work the 3 DC, 3 CH, then work only 2 DC and join with a SL into the 3rd chain of the beginning CH. This join will complete the last shell of the round. You should have 8 shells and 8 chain 3 spaces.

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Round 3: Make 3 CH, then Insert the hook into the SC from the previous row, (should be right where the previous row ended). YO and work a DC, Insert hook again, YO and DC. (This completes your first 3 DC in the round). CH 1. In the corner CH 3 SP work *3 DC, 3 CH, 3 DC. and 1 ch. In the next 1-ch space work 3 DC and 1 CH. Repeat from * until all 4 sides are complete. After the last DC in the CH 3 space CH 1 and SL ST into the top ST of the first DC of this round. You should have 12 shells and 12 spaces after the completion of this round.

Round 4-6: Change yarn to Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Burgundy color and repeat rounds 2 and 3.

I made 20 of these squares.

Weave in ends before adding on the border.

White Border for each Square:

Round 7: Switch to the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn White color.  Start with a CH 3. DC in next ST. DC all the way around. SL ST to the top ST of the first CH 3.

Round 8: CH 3 and DC all the way around. In the corners, add a CH 1 between the DC twice. This helps the corners lay flat. SL ST to the top ST of the first CH 3.

Cut yarn and weave in the ends.

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