Free Crochet Patterns

Wide variety of free crochet patterns. Learning how to read a pattern can be challenging. Basic crochet stitches learned from my grandmother was all that I knew. Come learn with me and enjoy the free crochet patterns too. Step-by-step instructions.

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I have compiled the 10 Best sources for ribbed beanie crochet patterns on Etsy. Because finding that perfect one can ...
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Ribbed Beanie Hat

10 Best Sources for Ribbed Beanie Crochet Patterns

It's the Holiday Season and it is time for a crochet simple snowflake coaster pattern. Make one in less than ...
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Crochet Simple Snowflake coaster 1

Crochet Simple Snowflake Coaster

The rich colors remind me of caramel delight crochet shawlette. This is an easy crochet pattern to work and it ...
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Caramel Delight Crochet Shawlette 1

Caramel Delight Crochet Shawlette

This Silver Bells Crochet Shawl Wrap is one of those easy crochet patterns for a simple and elegant handmade accessory ...
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Silver Bells Crochet Shawl Wrap 1

Silver Bells Crochet Shawl Wrap

Easy crochet patterns like this Gem of the Sea Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl are keepers. I have made a few of ...
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Gem of the Sea Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl 1

Gem of the Sea Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl

Sharing a new & free crochet shawl pattern: the Whimsical Woods Triangle Shawl. This lace shawl features a repetitive and ...
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Crochet Whimsical Woods Triangle Shawl 1

Crochet Whimsical Woods Triangle Shawl

This any season shawl is an easy asymmetrical crochet shawlette made from just one skein of yarn. If you are ...
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Any Season Shawl Crochet Pattern 1

Any Season Shawl

This Textured Ombre Crochet Blanket will be a beautiful addition to the d├ęcor at the farmhouse. If you can double ...
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Textured Ombre Crochet Blanket 1

Textured Ombre Crochet Blanket

This crochet fireside throw blanket will look so beautiful this fall. The colors remind me of an autumn sunset or ...
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Crochet Fireside Throw Blanket 1

Crochet Fireside Throw Blanket

This secret pathways triangle poncho was so fun to make. I decided to try my hand at a poncho and ...
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Secret Pathways Triangle Poncho 1

Secret Pathways Triangle Poncho

This crochet spiked triangle shawl is an easy first shawl to make. This crochet pattern also comes with a video ...
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Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl 1

Crochet Spiked Triangle Shawl

This beginner crochet flower has open petals. An easy pattern and great for using up those yarn scraps. Just so ...
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Beginner Crochet Flower 1

Beginner Crochet Flower