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Snowy Field Crochet Blanket

This snowy field crochet blanket is one of those easy crochet patterns that are a joy to make once you get started. With the half double crochet v-stitch pattern that is finished off with a front and back post double crochet. I just love how this blanket turned out.

Who doesn’t love a good crochet project?

Crazy, right! I know we do. That’s why we’re so excited to share this latest tutorial with you: the Snowy Field Crochet Blanket.

This easy pattern is perfect for confident beginners and experienced crocheters alike and makes a great gift or heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

The wintery season is quickly approaching and what better way to prepare than by crocheting a beautiful blanket to keep you warm this winter.

You can you use this to cover your lap while you are reading your favorite book. It also makes a lovely squishy baby blanket. The nice part is that it works up rather quickly due to the v-stitch.

This crochet throw is the perfect project for any crocheter because it works up quickly. The instructions include a few photos of the steps to help you complete this lovely pattern. Additionally, there are video tutorials for the double crochet v-stitch and the front and back post double crochet stitches used for the border.

Snowy Field Crochet Blanket

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Change up the colors and make your own personalized version of the crochet blanket.

Deciding the Colors and Pattern

My family has been hanging close to me the last few weeks when I have been home on the weekend, so it is very hard to type up my patterns let alone make any crochet tutorial video.

That meant that I needed to find an easy project to work on. I’ll bet that like many crocheters, I have a pretty good yarn stash that I have to work very hard to keep under control.

I stood in the “yarn room” and grabbed the soft white skein of yarn off the top of a box. Then quickly found the charcoal grey yarn on the top of another box. I as off to the races.

Just Starting to Crochet the Beginner Blanket
Just Starting to Crochet the Beginner Blanket

Video Tutorials

There are video tutorials near the bottom of this crochet pattern for both the v-stitch and the front post and back post double crochet.

Modern Looking Crochet Blanket

Years ago, I would have just made wide stripes all the same size; however, the more modern look is to have varying sizes of stripes. This crochet pattern does have repeating rows for an easy pattern, but I still think that this blanket has a very modern look to it.

Snowy Field Crochet Blanket
Snowy Field Crochet Blanket

With or Without a Crochet Border

I was talking with a crochet buddy the other day. We both recalled when we used to make afghans of all sizes without borders. They were very nice looking blankets. However, then we started adding borders to our work – even if it is just one row of something. We now have both come to realize that we like our afghans much better when we add a border on it.

Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet Border

More recently, I had made a crochet hat that used the front post and back post stitch. You can find that pattern here. However, that gave me a great idea on what type of border to add to this already modern looking afghan. The feel of the edge is just luxurious and it really helped pull the entire design together.

Simple Striped Throw

Snowy Field Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level

Confident Beginner. You should be familiar with the chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet.


14 stitches for every 4 inches.

Finished Size

33 inches wide by 44 inches long



  • BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet
  • CH = Chain
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • SK = Skip a Stitch
  • SL ST = Slip Stitch
  • SP = Space
  • ST = Stitch
  • [ ] = Repeat Between

Pattern Notes

Turn at the end of each row.

This pattern is a repeat of row two. The crochet border is harder than the blanket pattern itself. As the border uses the front post double crochet and the back post double crochet alternatively.

There are video tutorials on how to work the stitches below the written pattern.

This pattern is written in U. S. Terms.

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern using the V-Stitch



Starting with the Soft White yarn, Chain 128

Row 1:

In the 4th CH from the hook, complete a HDC. SK 2 ST in the next ST [HDC, CH 1, HDC, SK 2 ST] repeat between the [ ] to the end. Ending with a HDC in the last ST.

Row 2:

CH 2, [HDC, CH 1, HDC in the previous row CH 1 SP]. Repeat the Stitches between the [ ] in each previous row CH 1 SP to the end. Ending with a HDC in the last ST.

Repeat row 2: For the desired length. Here is the color pattern that I used.

10 Soft White

2 Charcoal

5 Soft white

(repeating the 2 Charcoal and 5 Soft White until it was long enough – ending with the 10 rows of Soft White)

Easy Crochet Throw
Easy Crochet Throw

Here is the color changes that I did row-by-row

Rows 1-10 Soft White

Rows 11-12 Charcoal

Rows 13-17 Soft White

Rows 18-19 Charcoal

Rows 20-24 Soft White

Rows 25-26 Charcoal

Rows 27-31 Soft White

Rows 32-33 Charcoal

Rows 34-38 Soft White

Rows 39-40 Charcoal

Rows 41-45 Soft White

Rows 46-47 Charcoal

Rows 48-52 Soft White

Rows 53-54 Charcoal

Rows 55-59 Soft White

Rows 60-61 Charcoal

Rows 62-66 Soft White

Rows 67-68 Charcoal

Rows 69-73 Soft White

Rows 74-75 Charcoal

Rows 76-80 Soft White

Rows 81-82 Charcoal

Rows 83-87 Soft White

Rows 88-89 Charcoal

Rows 90-94 Soft White

Rows 96-97 Charcoal

Rows 98-108 Soft White

Adding the Border

Weave in ends prior to starting the border. Trim off any excess yarn. Once this is done, you are ready to add the border. It also makes it so much nicer later when you complete the border…there are only a few pieces of yarn that need to be weaved in later and snip off.

Photo showing the Ribbed Crochet Border
Photo showing the Ribbed Crochet Border

Front Post and Back Post Border

FPDC: means that you insert your hook in the front of the post from the previous row DC.

BPDC: means that you insert your hook behind the post from the previous row DC.

This stitch combination creates a nice ribbed stitch look. This border is worked around the blanket 4 times. I will explain the pattern here and there is also a video tutorial on the front and back post double crochet. For those folks that would rather complete this with a photo tutorial, I have that below too.

Ribbed Border Direction:

Round 1:

Starting in one of the corners and chain 3. DC around the entire blanket, working 3 DC into each corner ending with a SL ST into the top CH of the first chain 3.

Rounds 2-4:

Start with a CH 3. Then go around the blanket again; however, this time, you will work the DC alternating between the front and back post. See more detail below for the corners…


When you get to the corners, continue to work 3 DC into the middle DC ST from the previous row. However, on the other two stitches from the previous row DCs in the corner – blend those into the FPDC and BPDC. See the photos of the corners to help show the detail.

Ribbed border corner detail
Ribbed Border Stitch Detail

Ribbed Stitch Photo Tutorial

back post double crochet step 1
back post double crochet step 1

front post double crochet step 1
front post double crochet step 1

front post double crochet complete
front post double crochet complete

Here is the link for the front post and back post video tutorial. FRONT POST AND BACK POST DOUBLE CROCHET

Here is the link for the half double crochet v stitch. HALF DOUBLE CROCHET V STITCH

If you loved this post, please share. It helps to show me that these types of posts are helpful – thank you!

I hope that you liked this pattern. If you are looking for more ideas for crocheted blankets, here are a few other blankets you may enjoy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.