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Spice Mixes

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Homemade spice mixes are a great way to add flavor to your favorite food recipes. Often, you can save money too by making your own seasoning blend.

Customize your spice mix. What I like is that you can control how much of each spice you add. If you like a bit more heat, more sweet, or just less salt. Easy recipe can be customized to your taste buds. It is simple to make your own spice mixes.

When you are in the middle of a recipe and realize that you do not have that taco seasoning, or chili seasoning packet, it can be frustrating to stop and run to the store. For me, going to the store means a 30 minute trip one way. Therefore, it is critical that I figure out ways to make my own spices from the seasonings that I have in my pantry.

However, once you learn how easy making your own spice mixes can be, you might not need those pre-made purchased seasoning mixes anymore.

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